A new category for analysis of soundtracks and their arrangements?

is possible to start a section about analysis of soundtracks and their arrangements?

my knowledge of musical theory isn’t very deep, and i want to know why the composers use this and that, and why the arranger change that part, and so it goes.

Maybe with a section of analysis of compositions and arrangements the people who want to start or improve their arrangements or compositions, would have a database where they can borrow ideas and techniques.

what do you think?

I don’t think we would get much discussion on these forums, but I’ll link you some of my favorite game music theory bloggers.

very detailed analysis of a specific song per post

not much on this site other than his two popular writings, but his old page, cruiseelroy.net is available on archived pages, just scroll down to the music section

tends to pick a certain music concept for each post, though some of the more recent blogs look at one specific song

not too much here, but it’s very well written, I particularly enjoy his Link’s Awakening dungeon analysis

haven’t read much on here, but it seems good

for fans of Katamari Damacy

some random theory posts, some good stuff

If you like videos try

Ongaku Concept https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqIOOHS4sNl5ZopBwMSegRW6PnIdy-L6I
best to start at the bottom of the playlist, the older ones

or 8-bit Music Theory https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeZLO2VgbZHeDcongKzzfOw

from the wiki page:


The study of video game music is also known by some as “ludomusicology” – a portmanteau of “ludology” (the study of games and gameplay) and “musicology” (the study and analysis of music) – a term coined independently by Guillaume Laroche and Roger Moseley.


Guillaume Laroche wrote this long thesis on the Mario Series (I still need to read this one)

Analyzing Musical Mario-media:
Variations in the Music of Super Mario Video Games