Adachi and Shimamura tab help

Hello. I like this ost very much and would be very happy if someone made a tab for it . Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: I have attached the link below.

【Piano】“現実”(「安達としまむら/Adachi and Shimamura」OST#24) - YouTube

It’s a nice song - were you looking for a guitar tab?

Yes. And yes :smiley:

I want to say I’ll try - no promises because of work being busy and this is a long song, but it’s really nice, so will try to give it a go.

Thank you very much.
No problem.
I don’t have the skills to do it myself so I really appreciate it.

If it helps, here’s the original ost

About halfway done so far with the initial tab. The triplets part is harder than I thought on a guitar lol but we’re moving along. After completion, I’ll go through and change it around up the neck so it feels better to play… unfortunately there’s some stretching to try and mitigate. I’ll keep you posted, but maybe another 3-4 days.

That was fast. Sorry for late reply. Thank you very much. Words cannot describe how happy I am right now :smiley:

No problem, work has been crazy this week so I’ll actually be able to continue it Saturday sorry for the delay.

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Did some more work on it today - 8 more measures to go.

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might sound redundant but that is way too fast. :open_mouth: How many years have you studied music? and thank you very much as well :slight_smile:

You’ll laugh but I never went to school for it.
Started with piano lessons in 3rd grade and have been self taught on piano, electric and classical guitar, and banjo since about 8th grade. Altogether 21 years, and being in praise band the last 4 years has given me a great understanding of theory, so I do all my tabs by ear (Except this one since you gave me the piano visual).

That being said, lmk if you want chord names in the tab too.

21 years!? :open_mouth:
Doing all the tabs by ear sounds next level to me. haha

If it’s not a problem, can i also have chord names too? :smiley:

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hello. what’s happening? it’s been a long time :joy:

Yeah sorry I was thrown into the ER this week for kidney dysfunction after a 5 day migraine due to severe dehydration lol… (dog ate my homework). Trying to get back into the groove of things, apologies for the delay, recovery was a lot longer than expected :confused:

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no problem. I’ve been working on it myself too. but stuck :joy:

It’s done. Do I just upload it here or do I have to submit it like a normal tab? Unsure of site rules.

that was fast. I think submitting it like a normal tab would be better. People would also know who made it. Thanks :slight_smile:

I made you two tabs:

  1. As faithful as a rendition to the piano version you gave me. Lots of up the neck playing/stretching, but again, closer in sound to the piano version.

  2. Transcribed everything to lower frets (like 8 and below in most cases). A lot easier to play, still sounds nice, but had to sacrifice octaves for convenience.

I’ll upload both versions in the .zip, but which one do you want to see on the page preferably?

Thanks a lot. :open_mouth: I think i am not ready for the piano rendition yet :joy: I would want the transcribed version but it really should be the one you are proud of :smiley: