Akatsuki no yona

Hi, I just finished the anime, and was inspired by the whole OST (I find it pretty much amazing, take a look for yourself :wink: ), but one song stood out more than the others.

So I searched a lot on the internet without getting anything tab related to this particular song.

Desperate I’m asking the community of gametabs.net to help me make a tab or even find one for me (you are surely better at searching than me ^^)

The music in itself shouldn’t be to hard to tabbed (even tho I know nothing about making tab and my opinion has a lot of chances to be wrong again ^^)

Here’s the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOvlmsUCaRU&ab_channel=CindyAnimeOstsForYou

And thanks in advance for putting your attention into my post :smiley:
(sorry for my language, i’m not a native english speaker :S)

hmm seems interesting, but for me Im already in the process of doing some other things atm, would put it on my list to do eventually though, it sounds really nice. As a separate point, you should consider trying to make a tab yourself of this song. If you are interested id be happy to help you along the way as this takes less time. Id you would consider doing your own tab for this song, let me know and ill help out just PM me or reply to this thread.


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Hey, thanks William
Glad to share a song that you already like :wink:

I already tried to inspect what the first notes were and eventually found something kinda sounding like them but it’s horrible.
As much as I want to tabb it, I have not so much knowledge, I just listen a note and try to find something sounding like it by doing all the notes on the fret (it’s very laborious…).
Maybe it is not the best way to do it, but as a self-learner, I will learn by myself… eventually
For the moment it’s the only way I found to replicate the work of someone else…

Thanks again I really hope to get some of your help soon ^-^

Ok, well how you went about it sounds like a place to start. It does take a lot of time to do in any manner that you go about it, but some things make the process faster. One of the best things you can try that can help limit the “likely” notes that the melody or whatnot will play is to use a scale. Let me see if I can find a decent image that might help. I would also transcribe the melody only first, but this is just my personal preference.

This is a “for example” scale diagram and you can move it anywhere along the neck of the guitar. Here is what you do so that this is helpful:

  1. Find a few notes doing the very laborious method you have already done. I would get at least 3-5 notes figured out this way.

  2. Try to match the notes to the diagram. That is, figure out where the notes you already found fit into this diagram. Try to figure out how the notes go into this pattern, as they are likely to follow this pattern for most of the song.

  3. After you figured out the pattern, use the diagram as a guide to guess the rest of the notes the melody is likely to follow. Every dot is a likely note that belongs to the melody (and probably the chords and etc too). Pick around the frets that fit the pattern until you find the next note and repeat until the song is over. Red dots tell you information about the key and black dots are just the notes of the scale (This isnt needed but can be quite helpful for helping find chords later on).

This should give you a decent start at the process.Also, I am usually online about midnight to 3am Central time (USA) if you would like to have more help live over discord or something. Out discord link is avaliable on the home page and my name on discord is the same as on here. Hope this helps! If not, just message me again or respond to this post if discord does not work out for you.

I took your advice and tried right away to tab the first 7 sec (seems like a lot already :S)
Here’s what I got, tell me right away if there’s something wrong (The tempo is kinda weird, I just don’t know much about it either)

Akatsuki no yona.pdf (23.3 KB)

I just had a listen through the original song and a little play around to see what was going on and to be honest either two guitars have been mixed in, one in capo 7 and one in standard tuning or the artist has used a 7 string classical on capo 7 tuned to maybe eBGDAEA. I think its most likely that the song is either played on a 7 string or possibly the whole thing has been created through samples and isn’t actually performed :open_mouth:

EDIT - It seems that capo 2 in drop D tuning could work quite well

EDIT EDIT - Heres a Guitar Pro 6 tab for the first 40 seconds, in Drop D capo 2 -


Ok, it seems like you did basically part 1 of what I said earlier, so good start. There are a few errors with what you wrote though. Ill put what I got from the first section as a download below. Go ahead and download what I wrote out before I go on.

First 7 Seconds.txt (722 Bytes)

I would not even mess with rhythm at this point, just focus on finding the right notes of just the melody. Dont even worry about the tempo or anything else either. I may have slightly misguided you on the scale kind of thing I showed you above (although it works for this song too). I would likely use this kind of pattern to find the notes of the melody:

Notice that the tab that I wrote fits into this pattern almost perfectly, meaning that almost all of the frets played in the first seven seconds fit into this pattern, with the frets of 10 and 9 being exceptions. It is highly likely that the notes of the rest of the song fit into this pattern, where each dot represents a fret that the melody will be and the numbers on them tell you which finger to use when playing (1 is index, 2 is middle, 3 is ring, and 4 is pinky finger at least in this diagram).

Figuring out which part of the pattern works for each new song takes trying the pattern in different locations until one seems to work. Several different patterns can work overall. The first pattern combined with the second pattern gives a lot to work with and should fit almost every song (they are technically the same pattern anyways). Dont worry if this doesnt make sense, it isnt needed for this song in particular, this is just helpful if you decide to work on other songs.

So, I usually grab a blank sheet of tab paper and start writing down the fret numbers that fit into the pattern that I found that worked. After you get the notes worked out and make sure they are correct (by checking with others or replaying it a ton of times yourself to check for accuracy) then work on rhythm. Also, if you are using youtube as the source that you are figuring out the notes from, you can try to slow it down a bit to give yourself more time to hear the notes by clicking the gear (settings) and then change the speed down from there. On this video in particular, I wouldn’t slow it down to 50% or below, as it gets a bit hard to hear, for me at least. Try the 75% speed version, it does cause a bit of audio distortion but you can probably still hear the notes.

If you have the recorded version in mp3 format or otherwise you can try audacity to slow down the music and loop sections. If you have audacity and the mp3/wav format of the song and want to try to use audacity for the song, let me know and ill explain that as well. Otherwise, Ill just assume that you are using the youtube version to figure out notes. No need to type an explanation for something if you are not going to do it.

I hope this helps and best regards,


Edit: When you done with the whole melody (or even another part of the melody section), let me know and Ill check it again and try to help out. After the melody is done, Ill help you with the next part.

Thanks to your help, I pursue the tabbing with more ease :smiley:

Just got a problem with the decrescendo at 3/4 part take a look, it sounds wrong to me

Akatsuki no yona.pdf (57.9 KB)

I don’t use guitar pro, so I can’t see your work :confused:

But I’m happy to know someone else has been interested by the song :smiley:

Well… pdf ahoy! Akatsuki no Yona (Melancholy Version).pdf (68.3 KB)

WoW, looks like you nailed it real good :smiley:

I’m goind to pursue from there then :j

@scarecrowlol did you change the key of the original song to get it in drop D? the notes dont match the original (in the sheet music)…not sure if this would cause confusion for him/her on the transcription or not, but it probably would for me personally if I was just starting.

Anyways, @MerguezNight let me check over the pdf for you with what you wrote, and ill get back to you on that. Trying to figure out where 3/4 part is…can you give me a time stamp instead?? Also, the tab scarecrowlol made seems spot on except if you want it to sound like the youtube version, you need to raise all the tab numbers up by 2. Let me know where the 3/4 part is and ill help…atm cant really find it myself.

Also, im pretty sure you are getting the melody part confused with the harmony part…the melody is the one that sounds the highest among the notes (most of the time and in this song as well). I personally usually only write the melody line first and then go back and try to figure out chords and whatnot. The part that plays from 0:00-0:15 is the harmony and starting there, the melody enters into the song. Listen closely to the highest sounding part there and only put in the notes of the melody. If you are having trouble, think of what you hum when you think of this song and write that as the melody line. Get back to me when you can and ill try to help some more and keep at it.

No its played drop D in capo 2 and the notes exactly match the original

Ah capo 2 I see, but the notes on the music staff are technically different but I understand now. For some reason, this is not on the pdf as far as I can tell.

I was talking about this part :

I understand that scarecrowlol tab, is not sounding perfectly like the youtube one, was just really happy to see someone put a bit of effort in it :wink:

I willl continue my tab and inform you about it even tho, I didn’t get the melody/ harmony point you talked about :confused:

Ok I understand which part you are talking about now. Also, if you have something called a “capo” you can play scarecrowlol’s version and it will be correct exactly to the youtube version. You would have to place the capo on the 2nd fret and then play what was written in the tab to match the original.


This is what an example of what a capo looks like. If you do not have one, they are fairly cheap to buy at a muic store (~$20 USD) or you can move the frets up by 2 of all of the frets that scarecrowlol used. Alternatively, you can just go on yourself with the method you were using before.

Anyways, back to checking your tab thus far: What I was trying to say was that you are including some of the chords/harmony parts in the tab that I think you are confusing with the melody line in the song. Now, it is not wrong to right the melody and chords at the same time, but this is a harder way to tab/write (in my opinion) and I personally just write the melody line first and then go back and write the chord/harmony parts in. This is just how I tend to write/tab out a song.

For an example of melody vs chords/harmony, I might use this song to show the difference a little bit.

In this song, the harmony/chords start at the beginning (0:00-0:08) and then the melody enters into the song at a higher pitch while the harmony/chords are still playing. In this song, the melody often just plays longer notes while the harmony/chords play other shorter notes. Im not sure if this makes any sense, but all in all, you are writing in some of the harmony/chord parts into your tab and this is just not how I would personally go about making a tab.

Ok now for the actual tab. There a few errors in your tab: the last note in measure 7 is a high b (fret 7 instead of fret 5). This part in measure 7 is what I was talking about in melody vs harmony/chords…you wrote out a bit of the chord being played instead of the melody line here (by the way the chord played here is a b minor, not important now but helpful later).

Measure 8-13 also has a few errors, or I can not tell exactly what you are hearing/writing. For this part, ill just add a .txt document here: Some of the melody line.txt (1.8 KB) that shows the start of the song up to about your measure 13 (the part you boxed in red). I do not show timing/rhythm in my tab, but play along and I think it fits. Try to write out only the highest sounding line as your melody as it makes writing a tab a good bit easier, figuring out chords/harmony can come later. Hope this helps and keep working,


P.S. Do not worry about asking for corrections/help on this song, I check this site often and will try to continue to help out.

Yes I do have a capo :slight_smile:

So I just learned the beginning of the song using “scarecrowlol” tab, and I do think, pursuing ‘his’ tab over mine will be a better idea, because it’s already quite well made and we are sure that it does sound exactly like the original song, and I just straight up learned the beginning, I don’t see the point in learning two different version for the same result :wink:

Nice explanation, I understand your point now; between the melody and the harmony :+1:

Alright, make sure and let me know if you want any more help with this, also I am on discord if you would like to chat, even right at this very moment (I realize language might be a barrier but Im still there if you need/want). Discord channel is on the front page of this website or I can give it to you directly.

@MerguezNight hey I noticed Coolbreeze did a more complete version of the song now…its pretty darn close…just a few errors but you can compare your start to theirs here:

This tabber also has some problems with melody vs harmony and they included some into the same music line but it sounds pretty darn good.