Announcement: Removal of Personal File Browser

Hey all,

Soon we will be removing access to the personal file browser which you can find on the main site. As of now, you can no longer upload any new files to it, but you can still access your old files. I will keep it in this read only state for the next 2 months, after which access to the files will be gone forever.

So, if you have some stuff on your personal file browser that you’d like to keep, please back it up to your computer soon.

Thanks! :guitar:

There are some files on the old forum like the Non-Anime tabs thread. Those will be inaccessible soon? Is there a limit to the amount of files users can upload on the new forum’s storage space?

:scream: Luckily I keep all my stuff backed up :ok_hand:

Aye pretty much everything I had is backed up, but never hurts to grab a copy. lol

Sorry I should clarify. The links to the files on the old forum will still be accessible, but the File Browser feature itself will be sunsetted.

And, I won’t put a limit on the amount of files people can upload to the forum (so long as it stays reasonable :wink:).