ARIA seires SoundTrack arrangements

I contribute it after a long post.
I was able to let arrangement work of the aria series complete on April 13.
It became the work to perform slowly from around 2014, but I think that it was good that it can be completed.
With the time when I began a contribution to Youtube, I will restrain myself from a contribution to by the problem of the copyright.
It is a sorry place that I was not able to contribute it till the last.
I upload it till the last to youtube. It becomes like advertising, but is glad if you can watch it by all means because you show a list of Play.

I will continue arrangement work leisurely in future. Please come to watch it if there is an opportunity.
It is the last, but shows great thanks in
A good guitar life.

ARIA The Animation (1st season)

ARIA The Natural (2nd season)

ARIA The Origination (3rd season)