Arrangements here and 'Copyright Control' of a random person

Yesterday I learnt that some random guy had taken midi-files from arrangements posted here by me (with couple more that are not mine), had generated sound files using his own midi sequencer (with occasional punctual edits here and there, mostly making the sound even worse than my own lame midi-conversion from lilypad), and had released the result as “Anime on Concert Guitar” album.

Here is an example:

The album includes another piece from Civilization IV, some tracks from The Guardian Legend, Space Rangers, and even Ascendancy (nice anime, indeed). Apparently, those tracks are being sold on apple music and through itunes.

I would ignore this incident if in not for the video on youtube mentioning:
Provided to YouTube by Kontor New Media GmbH
℗ Cyber Chord Records
Music Publisher: Copyright Control

What does this ‘Copyright Control’ mean? The last situation I want to find myself in is when copyrasts forbid me to play my own arrangements. Of course I will continue to spit on them and their laws even in this case but it might add some complications to my life.

From what I understood, the sign ℗ means that the subject of the copyright is just the audio form itself (a file/files, the wave train, its Fourier transform, or what? another proof that the so called copyright institutiot is inadequate to the modern level of technical development), not the arrangement. Is it right?

A more general question. Would a publication on Gametabs (with a date) be a proof that an arrangement is in, how they call it, the Public Domain, if some random Joe or Hans or some ACME Inc. suddenly wants to restrict others from using it? (Well, the answer is probably no, as Gametabs in my understanding itself exists only because the copyrastic sharks have not yet found time or desire to stab their fangs in it.)

(Just a final notice. Some deduction suggests that the random Hans extracted midi-files not from Gametabs but rather from, where I cross posted the arrangements.)