Ascendancy - Theme03

Title: Theme03
Game: Ascendancy
Composed by: The Logic Factory

The original track:

The theme creates an atmosphere of anxiety due to an imminent war and horrors
associated with it.

The harmony in the composition jumps on the whole cicrle of fifths as a flea. I
transposed it a tone down to minimize the amount of barre (which is still high).
As a downside, it requires quite a stretch with a fingering change in the middel of
a phrase in measures 37-44. In measures 29-36, strumming with the index finger and
rasgueado are used to mimic military drum rolls.

txt - tablature
zip - tablature+notes+LilyPond_source
midi - audio

(Attention, the Unix newline is used in txt- and ly-files.)

Theme03.txt (17.3 KB) (137.1 KB)
Theme03.midi (7.1 KB)

Since the last post, I updated all the files. I decided to lower an octave the lower voice in measure 60 (very end of the Ascendancy melody). It sounds more authentic like this.

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