Baka and Test OST Project: Season 1, Track 13

Here is yet another arrangement from this ost, this one is track 13 from the season 1 ost. If anyone is interested this is one of the few songs that I made a complete transcription of before making the guitar arrangement (what I mean is one with every instrument and every note each one plays). I usually just make “bare bones” transcriptions and go from there. If anyone wants the full transcription just PM me or respond to this thread.

This one was difficult to decide which tuning/key to put the piece in. In the end I decided to go with a flat key which is sort of odd and makes things a bit “muddier” to play but matches quite nicely to the original. Technically to match the original in tone, you would need to tune down a full step but this is not really needed. This one is a bit tricky because of the large amount of barre chords and you should accent the melody in some spots to make it match the original. Anyways, heres the goods:

Baka and Test Season 1 OST, Track 13 - Review to guitar to Review.mid (7.9 KB)
Season 1, Track 13.gp5 (14.6 KB)
Baka and Test Season 1 OST, Track 13 - Review to guitar to Review - Full Score.pdf (82.8 KB)

Youtube link to original:

Your tab

You could submit a transcription version with each instrument if you like, since you went to the trouble of transcribing it already.

Ok but not sure how best to show the score, I guess ill show the PDF and midi as well as the Sibelius file for those few that have the program. Nevermind, this site does not allow the upload of Sibelius files, o well I doubt many people here have the program anyways.

Baka and Test Season 1 OST, Track 13 - Review - Full Score.pdf (94.8 KB)
Baka and Test Season 1 OST, Track 13 - Review.mid (10.7 KB)

Note that trumpets are actually in the incorrect key given that their music needs to be transposed but I didnt change it since I was going to be using it for guitar anyways.

I put a link to that post on the tab page. Will update it later when FingerStyle makes a video.

Finally uploaded it :grin:

Awesome, updated the audio link with your video