Baka and Test OST project: Season 2 Track 30

Next submission from the Baka and Test OST. This one’s pretty straightforward but nice.
I’ll do a recording of this one soon.

Season 2 Track 30.gp5 (4.1 KB)
Season 2 Track 30.txt (6.4 KB)
Season 2 Track 30.gpx (17.6 KB)
Season 2 Track 30.pdf (105.7 KB)

Bump this thread when you release the video!

Uploaded it last week, but here it is :slight_smile:

Okay. I added the video links to some other tabs from Baka and Test to replace the midi files. The only song that you or Ttegdap arranged that doesn’t have a recording is Osanai Koro no Koigokoro (Childhood Love), if you planned on performing that, too.

Edit: FG made a recording, which is now in the listen link on the tab’s page

Interesting didnt notice that there is no recording of that one…Maybe I will actually figure out how to record myself…(probably not haha).