Baka to Test 回想ナレーション

Next submission from the Collaboration with me and Ttegdap.

Baka to Test e minor.txt (12.7 KB)
Baka to Test 回想ナレーション.gpx (33.1 KB)
Baka to Test 回想ナレーション.pdf (222.7 KB)

If anyone can translate the Title for me I’d be really glad, google translate doesn’t seem to get it right.

Used the translation off VGMDB

Looks great! @hslesperance could you possibly change the title that appears on the txt document to match what you found via VGMDB? Just so that it matchs the one in the title description. How should I put in a different way to play the quick notes in here too? Should I just post it as a comment or what?

Well, I changed the title on the text; not able to change it on the gpx or pdf myself. For the 32nd notes, did you want to move the B-string parts down to the G-string as an alternative?

Something like this:

                                                                                         Alternative for M42
  E  E  E  Q.        E  E  E  Q    T  T T T    E  E  E  Q.        E  E  E  Q.          E  E  E  Q    T  T T T
-----------0------|-----------0-------------|--5--------3------|--2--------0------|  -----------0-------------|
--0--------0------|-----------0----1p-0---0-|-----------3------|-----------1------|  -----------0-------------|
-----------0------|-----------0---------3---|--------0---------|--------0---------|  -----------0----5h-6p3h5-|
--------2---------|--------2----------------|-----2------------|-----2------------|  --------2----------------|
-----2------------|-----2-------------------|--3---------------|--3---------------|  -----2-------------------|
--0---------------|--0----------------------|------------------|------------------|  --0----------------------|

                                                                               Alternative for M74
                                      |----5----|                                          |----5----|
  E  E  E  E  E  E     E  E  E  E  E  T  T  T T T    E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  E  T  T  T T T
--5-----------------|-----------------------------|--3-----------------|  -----------------------------|
--------------------|-----------------0h-1p-0---0-|--------------------|  -----------------------------|
--------------------|-------------------------3---|-----------0--------|  -----------------5h-6-p5p3h5-|
--------------------|-----------------------------|--------2-----2-----|  -----------------------------|
--------0--3--0-----|--------0--3--0--------------|-----2-----------2--|  --------0--3--0--------------|
--0--1-----------1--|--0--1-----------------------|--0-----------------|  --0--1-----------------------|

Yes exactly that, at thats how I play those lines…mostly near the end of the piece. If possible, thatd be great if you could do that!

Added, let me know when the recording is finished!

Just finished it :slight_smile:

OK, Updated!