Bakemonogatari - Hyouri

Bakemonogatari - (100.4 KB)
Hyouri.txt (12.3 KB)

Song on YT
Vgmdb link Disc 1, Track 24

The request from Mehar, finally done… :sweat_smile:

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Pretty intense

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My thoughts on the same piece,

Slightly different than @MechaKrauser version: I dont mean to sound conceited, but I think my version is slightly more accurate to the original, though their version is probably a bit easier and better sounding for a solo guitar.

Anyways, just thought id post this here, doesnt really need posted to the site or anything but Id like to hear thoughts on how I arranged it if possible.

Hyouri 2.gp5 (10.1 KB)

You are Awesome…Thanks a lot…i mean i cant thank enough…thank you

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Thanks a lot…its a gp5 format ???

I would Like to thank MechaKrauser and Ttegdap for their support and dedication because of guys like you, a noob like me would be able to play something i always wanted to play…i know this might be just a song for some, but for me this song means something very important.

So thank you

TuxGuitar can read guitarpro files btw (this is one of the programs that I use). It is a free program, just google it.

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a lot

Just wanted to know your guys opinion whether Nylon Strings would be better for this or just Steel would suffice ??

@Mehar I only use steel strings since I con’t have a nylon-string guitar.

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Both are fine to me, I dont think it will really make much of a difference to me. I happen to use nylon because I have a classical guitar and ive heard that steel strings have too much tension for these guitars.

thanks for the help…anyways i have a request…u must have watched ‘Ghost in the shell’ right ?? It’s an OST of it. Name is ‘tourkia’ by gabriela robin. The Link is down
I am really interested in the guitar part of the song “2:42 to 3:02”
I know that you have helped me and i really appreciate it and because you i can pursue anime osts confidently and i am thankful to you for that…and i would really appreciate if you could help me with this one
i will put this in request

I cant play this video in my country it says.

First of all thank you
second, here is an AMV using the same track- Tourika by gabriela Robin

the guitar part in the video from “2:10 to 2:32”
i would be really thankful if you could tab it. The link is down below

Thank You

I also cant view this video lol. I cant seem to find a version on youtube myself either.

here’s what u gotta do…log out of your youtube channel then click on the links…if any video is not available in your country…its because you have signed in…which gives the location

another way is to use 'PSIPHON"…

another way is to open UC browser or any browser from your mobile…DO NOT OPEN YOUTUBE APP…just open youtube by any browser and search for “TOURIKA by Gabriela Robin” …remember you need to “NOT SIGNED IN INTO YOUTUBE”
'Thank you

actually i have requested on new song…could you please have a look at it…its tourika by gabriela robin

@Mehar Sorry, but I’m not interested in doing any requests at this time. You might have better luck if you make a separate Requests post for it.

i did…i did make a request topic