Can't reach support, the email that I see has been unreachable

I still cannot access my account nor did I recieve a way to reset my password.

I have recieved from a @noreply email : I have messaged you as per your request. Hopefully this helps.

But there’s no links, nothing, no message on gametabs either.

Here’s my old thread, please I want my account “Vaagur” back to post a new tab and to have access to my old stuff. :frowning:

Check your junk-mail if you haven’t already, also depending on if you have a spam-filter (work email) in place it could be scrubbing the email of any attachments/links.

Your profile is still listed in active users so it should just need a password reset.

It’s not a work email and it’s in neither of this email or "Vaagur"s email. Neither in junk, neither in the inbox… I can’t reset my password because I’m not getting any password reset emails…

A couple days ago I messaged archard about it. He hasn’t been on the site for a little while, but hopefully he responds and can help!

I hope he can fix it, I would love to post the tab. ^^


@Archard will need to take a look at the automated response system then, I might bug him to see if he needs an extra set of hands for the IT side of things.

Hello @VaagurLostMyAccount, sorry for the late reply.
I just sent you a private message with your new password, feel free to change it according to your preferences.
I tested it and it should work fine :slight_smile:
Let me know if you have other issues!


All good, thanks for the help it works now. :slight_smile:

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Hi, @hashel

I’m having the same issue on the main site and didn’t want to clog up new posts with the same thing, however it seems that my PC kept me logged in for the forum?

When I hit forgot password I don’t receive any word reset instructions in my inbox. I’ve checked and confirmed that there isn’t any filters on that inbox and it’s not going in spam / trash.

Anyone able to help?

Many Thanks

I will check!

Check your DMs :wink:

Cheers, all sorted :slight_smile: