Civilization IV - Conquests Fantasy 2

For the reason unknown to me, this beautiful composition (arguably, the best theme from the game), specifically written for a guitar (with and flute and some other instruments) has never been tabulated by anybody, as far as I know. With this arrangement for a solo guitar with standard tuning I try to fill this embarrassing gap.

The best part of the composition, its culmination, is quite technically involved, but it can be omitted with some loss of expression.

txt - tablature
zip - tablature+notes+LilyPond_source
midi - audio

(I re-uploaded zip and midi. Due to unwisely chosen tweaks in the ly-file, the midi did not play all the mordents. Now it does. I re-uploaded zip and txt again after a correction of a found mistype.)

ConquestsFantasy2.txt (35.6 KB) (195.5 KB)
ConquestsFantasy2.midi (10.9 KB)

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