Convert musescore format to tab in .txt?

Hi, i have done an arrangement in musescore, but to upload it i have to convert it to a txt, so it can be viewed in the website, any idea of how to do it?, anyone uses musescore here?, what is the other way of doing tabs without using that program?

If you have a text file you should be able to copy and paste into the website’s main submission page. I use Tuxguitar (never used musescore), So, what I end up doing is: edit notes, export text and midi files…edit the text file to include whatever I want, like; durations, composer, song name, dynamics…then wrap them into a zip file, copy and paste my text file into the site’s submission page and include my zip in the referenced files upload, AFTER copying and pasting my ACTUAL tab, THEN press the submission affirmation.

You would have to check if musescore can export to ‘ascii’ or as a ‘txt file’. If it isnt capable of that the most common tablature programs are tuxguitar or guitar pro. I personally use guitar pro which has the option to export the sheet music to a text file. However that .txt file usually needs a lot of personal editing before its readable and presentable.

I know it’s a little late, but if it can’t export to ascii or txt, you could see if it exports to midi then import it into another program like guitar pro, tabledit, tuxguitar, etc. Those all export to a text (ascii) file.

yeah, i figure out how to import the .mid files to tuxguitar, and now i’m able to do the arrangements on musescore, and the tabs in tuxguitar , thanks for the help