Day and Night - Shiki

Nice little song, didn’t see a tab for it so I made one. Basic fingerstyle stuff.

GP5 (19.7 KB)
TXT (17.7 KB)
MIDI (7.2 KB)

Good job, I went ahead and added the note durations for you.
Here’s your tab:

Instead of tying every note to its previous note in Guitar Pro, you can select 'Auto-Let Ring’ on the Instrument, or ‘Let Ring’ for certain sections. This gives it that same effect when you play it back but makes it so much easier to read when exporting the ASCII(Text) file.

I’ll show you what I mean:

Exporting your Guitar Pro file:

Exporting updated file:

Nice, thanks!

I’m actually doing these on Tuxguitar and I have no idea if an option like that exists there. I just brute force it by making another gp5 file where I remove all the tied notes and just export that as ASCII. Then I make midi out of the other one with the tied notes so it sounds like it’s supposed to.
The note durations on ASCII also seems like a very nice feature. I should probably look into the options and see if these kinds of things are possible also on TG.

How come you use TuxGuitar instead of Guitar Pro if you end up using both in the end? I’ve never used TuxGuitar so i’ve no idea what its like, but its an open source program so I’d imagine that if it doesn’t already have that feature then it will probably get added at some point.

It’s a shame that there isn’t a perfect tab editor. I use Guitar Pro 7 to create tabs but the ASCII exports are pretty horrible, same with Guitar Pro 6, so I have to export it to Guitar Pro 5 instead because for some reason it’s ASCII exports are so much better.

Ah, I may have worded that poorly. I don’t use Guitar Pro, I just save them as.gp5 files with TG since I’m not sure if .tg files are compatible with GP, which everyone else here seems to be using.