Doom (1993) - "Sign of Evil" Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Tab

The first tab I’ve posted here in a while… I been busy tabbing pony songs :unicorn: :rainbow:

My fingerstyle arrangement of the song “Sign of Evil” from the 1993 video game Doom. Music composed by Bobby Prince. Guitar Pro 7 hates grace notes, so they sound off in the playback. If you listen to the original track you’ll see what I’m going for. :jack_o_lantern:

Link to original song:

Guitar standard tuning, capo on 1

Link to the tabs:
Zip contains the tab in GP7, GP5, PDF, txt, and midi formats. Happy playing! :smiley:

Here you go :slight_smile:

Nice tab! you totally just reminded me that i’ve had a tab for this same song sitting on my pc for like 5 years :laughing:

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Wow, no kidding?! I’d love to see your version :grin:

I was playing through the old-school Dooms on Switch and thought this one would make a good acoustic version. I checked Gametabs for a tab but didn’t find one so I figured “Well I’ll just make it myself!” :sunglasses: