Faltering Prayer - Starry Sky, Nier:automata OST

I very much like this soundtrack and will advise everyone to take a listen to the OST if they have a chance. There are a few other songs that are pretty good out there but I havent found a version of this tune yet. I usually just change the song away from flat keys, but this time I decided to stay in the original key without a capo. I made this choice mostly because of the range of the melody and with a capo it would make it a bit odd to play imo.

Anyways, this is based mostly off the transcription found here:

I did change a few voices around for the solo version, especially when the vocals come in. I went with non-inverted chords for this whole section as they just sound better imo.

Here is the original video for reference:

It is interesting to note that the original (on the CD) does not end where both the previous videos end, and so I ended the song where it ends on the original CD. The song im sure loops forever but im not 100% sure since I havent played the game before.

For the Gm arpeggio, it takes a slightly odd way to play the chord to keep the sustain. Barre with the first finger like normal but use the middle and ring fingers for both fret 5’s, leaving the pinky to cover the extra note (Bb). Otherwise, you can play something very similar with just the plain old barre chord. I had a hard time deciding which I really preferred.

Faltering Prayer, Starry Sky (Solo).mid (6.1 KB)
Faltering Prayer, Starry Sky (Solo).gp5 (5.7 KB)
Faltering Prayer, Starry Sky (Solo) - Full Score.pdf (86.0 KB)

As a super side note, I was thinking it would be nice if we could make it so the original source could be played along side the arrangement for reference for the player of the tab. This just helps for those that are not familiar with the source material.

Nice work! like this one big time. Sorry this has taken so long to post too