Feature Request Thread

I’d like to get a discussion started on feature requests. Can you think of any new features we can add to the site to make it better, easier to use, easier to navigate, more fun etc. ?

(note that I am asking in order to gather feedback for the new version of the main site, which I am actively working on :wink:)

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Hmm maybe changing the default page for the Forum to be on the Categories page? And or include a drop down menu for the Community tab on the main page?

And maybe a return of a general chat feature for the community forum? Community discussions has really died down this past year. And not everyone wants to post to the forum for everything.

Keep up the good work though, the formatting for mobile looks nice and clean so good job with that.

right now when you click into someone’s profile from the forum theres no way to get to their tabs or recordings, so you have to go find their profile on the main site to see them! :-1:


Definitely want to improve the integration between the main site and forum. What we have now is meant to be just a first pass. More improvements coming :slight_smile:

Also I’m looking at shoutbox options now. It’s time to revive it :stars::sunglasses::heart_eyes_cat:


Added a shoutbox and who’s online list :rocket:


I’d like to see the Top Tabs page expanded to include the top tabs of the week, month, etc.


It would be nice to have multiple versions of a song available from within the same page when viewing a tab. What I mean is, that if there are similar versions (same tab different people or same tab different tuning/key or solo version to duet version) for them to be available to click on when viewing the original page. For a clearer example just visit ultimateguitar as they do what im trying to say.

Ill have to think a bit more about other comments to add, as most are not exactly features but slight changes to the site, unless you want feedback on that too.

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O I have another request which would be very helpful for me at least, having an easier way to write in tabs in comments of pieces. Seems like the only way that I know, as told by MechaKrauser, is to use the /pre and pre commands to make tabs show up in not a messy looking way and then I have to go about making sure the individual text shows up in about the right position and right in the fret positions manually, etc. Overall, it just makes writing even the most simplistic music out in tab form quite difficult and time consuming. Perhaps you can make a feature that makes this easier, or if there is already an easier way to do this, make sure that it is pinned to the front of forums or something.

If you happen to have Guitar pro or Tux Guitar etc they should have an option to export to ASCII or another text format that would do most of the work for you.

A few of them are free so if you get used to doing your writing there it will save you a lot of time, and help you learn musical notation. Just an alternate solution to the issue you have.

hmm I have tux guitar and it can export ASCII but I was talking about just a short comment related to a tab that was already made. Furthermore, I dont know how to actually use that file on this website.

More options for the Random button. It’d be nice to get random fingerstyle tabs with each click. (Last time I messed with it I kept getting transcriptions and bass tabs lol). Maybe an option for random unrated tabs, too,

I’d love to see the star ratings on tabs replaced by a thumbs up/ down rating system :+1:

that old debate again! :japanese_goblin:

:wink: :+1: … i mean ultimate guitar has the same rating system but i feel it probably doesn’t really work that well because the stars i guess are to show tab accuracy , however everyone has different opinions, its not like they can rate with the mindset of a robot :robot: thumbs up/ down just seems a bit more of a flexible rating system, where tabs are rated by how much people like them kinda thing :upside_down:

but i wouldnt want to slap a thumbs up on something that i felt could use a little work but wouldnt want to thumb it down if it only needed a few alterations , i never rate anything anyway im just playing devil’s advocate here :imp:


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Nice usage of a poll @Jacob31593 :thumbsup:

Yea i see the predicament there :sweat: im kinda on the fence atm about either kind of rating system.

Fiend!!! :smiling_imp:

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Hmmm I’d honestly say the star system is better than up/down vote, but really having both systems would probably work best.

Use the Favorites system or number of times the tab is opened to decide what makes the top tabs list and then the stars system for critical feed back?

When I find a tab I like I will 5-star and favorite it (and sometimes drop a comment). If I make some changes for myself like transposing it to a capo or such I’ll still give it 4 or 5 stars.

I can’t really bring myself to give a tab a poor rating My mother always said “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” :no_mouth: lol. I’m pretty picky about what kinds of tabs I like to play and I get turned off by the littlest things (which is why I make so many tabs for myself) :wink:

Even if the rating system is changed to thumbs-up and thumbs-down, I don’t think it’ll affect the way I rate tabs.

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