Grief -fate zero

GRIEF - Fate Zero.pdf (153.0 KB)
GRIEF - Fate Zero.mid (2.5 KB)

No need to make 3 posts about this, why not using the website submission feature as i showed you a few days ago?

I wrote three posts because I was wrong. As for how you explained to me, it’s like the old site did before. In short, I think it’s okay as I acted because I’m not very practical and computer-prepared.

Up to you, but we can’t put a pdf file as a tab on the website, we at least need a text file

This is also a very faithful transcription to the original and performed on my youtube channel.

Do you use guitarpro or tuxguitar to make tabs?
If you do, instead of exporting as .pdf, export as .ascii.
This is a text file that will allow us to copy past it and upload it on the website

Thanks, I certainly do.