How do you guys submit new tabs?

Just to have a global idea, do you guys mostly use the forum or do you use the “submit => tab” tool on the main website?
Cause using directly the tool on the website should be (in theory) easier and faster for mods to approve new tabs.

I use the forum and create a new topic under the submissions category :v: that ‘submit a tab’ link on the main page just seems to lead to a ‘how to’ guide :thinking:

Is it how you do it?

What the… i’ve always submitted tabs from there, even when i was a “simple member”, what the hell :confused:

Problem fixed, you now can use the “submit” function.

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oooh sugoi :ok_hand: just like the ol’ method of submission… nostalgic. Btw how many active mods are there around nowdays?

Let’s not celebrate too quickly, let’s see if it doesn’t bug 1st ahah.
In theory enough atm, i also added Avaruussaha to the mod list.
If still not enough, could go through some recruitments.

And also took the freedom to remove this

As it was misleading a lot of ppl, i hope things are now more clear.

I never had the option to submit tabs from there either until I became a mod, but that’s what I would use now to submit tabs. What happens when other members submit their tabs from there? Does it show up on the main site as usual or does it wait under ‘Moderate’ to be approved by someone?

Btw I can’t remember if it always looked like this, but the header looks a bit strange before signing into the website. Deleting the ’Submit a Tab’ option might have messed it up a bit.

I think the submit tab option is no longer available for non-mod members. It didn’t make the submission process any easier or faster and it was more difficult to communicate between other mods on the progress of a tab. Like if I was waiting on a PM reply from the tab creator about a change or files, the other mods might not know that I was waiting. With the forums everyone knows what is going on.

Thanks for picking up the slack on the latest submissions @laoise! Been hard to find the time lately.

Oh okay, makes sense.
And you’re welcome! I’ve got some spare time at the minute so I thought I’d help out, I’d hate to see this site go dead.

But the old “submit => tab” way is back, that’s what i explained earlier…
I tested it with a fake account and it works for everyone, mods or not.

And yeah it needs to get approved by a mod before showing on the website.
IIt’s in “moderate => submissions”

Almost need a way for a mod to take ownership of a submission to show its being handled