Huniepop - Catchiest Soundtrack?

The music in this game is beast. It would be great if someone could make a guitar and bass tab for the Water Park stage, the shopping mall, and gold falls casino! The bass line is amazing in this game and very catchy.

Wondering where to find good mp3 (pref legal) of the soundtrack, didnt see them for sale through steam, though I bought my copy of the game through a different site so I have the actual disc. Find those and ill consider it, but i usually go for solo arrangements.Furthermore, I like some of the other stages music a bit better but id have to replay it to remember which ones lol.

Edit: Ok now I remember, I like the ice rink, scenic overlook, vinnies restaurant, outdoor lounge. You must like the tracks with big bass groves.

All the songs are on here

Do you mind if the music is converted from youtube or do you need a different way?

O sorry for the late reply but I found them on steam and downloaded them from there, technically either would work but right now im busy with some other things that I am doing. Sorry cant do this atm, but I can be happy to help and check your work if you are interested in trying to do some tabs.