Information on tablature

Friends of Gametabs as my tablatures are not published. Maybe something is wrong with the insertion procedure. I put them in the forum for several weeks as well as the video recordings but I haven’t received a reply. They seem to me to be good transcripts and they have executive witness, which is very important. Thank you very much.

You ask this question in a wrong “category”. There is “Help!” category created specially for such kind of questions.

On the topic. I am a newbie here, too. My tabulatures submitted via the forum have been waiting for more than four months and are still not published, so I think it is normal for this place. From the other hand, my submissions via the “Submit -> Guitar Tab” on the main site took from two weeks to two months to be published. So I resubmitted my tabulatures from the forum using the main site mechanism. We will see.

Or perhaps, the waiting time depends on the difficulty level of a tabulature itself. The tabulature that was published in two weeks was very simple in comparison to the others.

I think the problem with the frequency of tabs being uploaded is more to do with how active the current moderators are. Back before the site had issues with going down frequently tabs were moderated pretty quickly, almost daily. Not sure how many mods are still active these days…

Yep, you’re on the money. One day soon i need to block out a day and catch up on publishing the backlog