Is tab uploading ded?

It seems the tab uploading has died atm? :confused:

Ya I think we need more moderators to do this or something…Anyone want to help fix this situation?

Hmm we are a few days behind, it’s possible Ash rolled back the site but it dosen’t appear he did. If you want permission to approve though you can always ask.

I’ve been the one uploading in the past month or so but went on holidays with no laptop for the past couple weeks. I’m back this coming wednesday so i’ll pump a few up then - sorry!!


Yeah tab uploading has slowed down a lot due to lack of mods to fulfill the demand. Part of that is on me, too. To be honest I don’t even have a guitar physically with me right now so I can’t approve any tabs. But, that will change soon and I will start approving them again. Thanks for all your help @quinndangle2. You’re a stud! :metal:


Oh ok no probs :slight_smile: so who are the current moderators?

I can help approve tabs, if you need. Been really craving new stuffs.

That would very appreciated @Choogly. I’ll get you set up