Lilium ~Mariko & Kurama Ver.~ - Elfen Lied

Been a long time since i’ve tabbed a song now, but i just re-watched this series and felt inspired to see what i could come up with :grin:
There are plenty of awesome versions of ‘Lilium’ out there, so i approached it from a different version that i felt really stood out in the show. This is a version not on the OST, and plays during EP 13 in Mariko & Kurama’s final scene. Its a mixture of a few different versions, (saints, music box, etc), with a unique piano line accompanying it.

I used this video as a reference: Lilium ~Mariko and Kurama Version~ REMASTERED

Anyways here’s the ZIP file, tab and audio file are included :ok_hand:

Lilium ~Mariko & Kurama Ver.~


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