Make a Tab Challenge 1: Octopath Traveler [=> 15th of August]

Hey guys, this is a new kind of content on Gametabs, it’s a kind of “contest” or “challenge”!

During 30 days people can submit “tabs” based on a selected recent game.
At the end we’ll together elect (subjectively i guess?) who is the “tabber of the month” or who did the best tab…
That person and his tabs (the previous ones too) will be highlighted on gametabs social media (facebook, twitter, discord…) and that person will be able to select the theme of the next month, as long as the game or series came out in 2015 or after!

The goal is to motivate ppl to make tab, and more especially tabs for recent games, which may make some new “kids” who just started music and maybe don’t know all those 80s 90s 00s games, to join the community and have some new faces!

For the kind of tabs, you have to post them in the comments, you also can directly submit them to the website too, no need to wait for the end of the contest.

It could be a full tab, a guitar finger-style arrangement, just the melody, just the bass line, could be a transcription or your on personal version… It doesn’t have to be the full songs with all the harmonies going on etc =)

As 1st Theme i selected: Octopath Traveler, it’s a wonderful enhanced 2D J-RPG by Square, and it’s kinda one of those “hype of the moment” games =)

Here is a playlist of the OST:

And here is the songs that were only available in the demo:

I’m sure you’ll agree that this OST is WONDERFUL and deserves some tabs ;D

So you guys have until the 15th of August to make the best Tabs from that game, any song you want, and you can submit several tabs per person if you wish =)

Hope to see some people join in ^^

This sounds interesting :ok_hand: i had a brief flick through the OST and songs like ‘Ophilia, the Cleric’ are definitely up my alley for tabbing :metal: sadly i’m going on a work trip to the USA for a month so i dunno if i can participate :sweat: could always try making a tab by guesswork without a physical guitar though… :thinking:

If you have anything like tux guitar or guitar pro or a DAW with midi, there is always a way to do it by ear without a real instrument in hands ^^

Whipped up a version of “Therion, the Thief”.

Fun contest idea and a great way to hype a new game :wink:

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Wooohooo we got our 1st entry! :smiley:

Here’s my version of “Primrose Theme”

Such a great soundtrack, I haven’t listened through it all yet but I’ll definitely have to tab out more songs from the game at some point.

Niiiice! :smiley:
It kinda reminds me of Howl’s Moving Castle. Thanks for the motivation to make a tab, hashel. This game makes me want a Switch. I definitely want to tab Primrose’s theme as well, and maybe Olberic’s(his theme sounds a lot like some One Piece music :)). I hope someone makes a fingerstyle arrangement of the Riverlands theme tbh.

I can hear a little bit of Howls Moving Castle in the song too, thought it was just me lol.

Just listened to the Riverlands, it’s on my list of songs to tab :slightly_smiling_face:

This game makes me want to buy a Switch too, but i both lack money to buy it, and time to play it :frowning:
But still can enjoy the music :smiley:
Ty for the tabs guys!

I love this OST so much. Planning to make a medley of some songs but may not able to finish in a few weeks. So here is a quick cover and tab of one of the songs in the demo :slight_smile:

Very nice! A medley sounds interesting, can’t wait to see it.
If you have a Guitar Pro or text file instead of a PDF, upload it here and I can submit your tab to the site.

I did my tab in Musescore. Do u take musescore.file?

There might be a way to export it to Guitar Pro. Upload the Musescore file and I’ll check for you

Gametabs doesn’t accept .mscz nor .musicxml. Tried many different ways in the past hours to convert to guitarpro or ascii format but unsucessful. The only thing I can upload here are the .png image files. I can email the mscz file to you if you don’t mind. I may need to go to the dark side and learn using GuitarPro…
New user can only post one page at a time…so page 1:

Page 2 of Octopath Traveler Gratitude:

Here’s your tab:

I just manually copied it into Guitar Pro to make things easier lol.

Thank you so much! :+1::smile:

Amazing OST. I’ve never played it before and unfortunately, I don’t have a Switch :frowning: But it just reminds me the Radiant Historia. Thanks for sharing this great soundtrack.
Here’s a quick tab of one of the boss battle themes:

Thanks again guys for participating to this! :smiley:
For the ones who participate, what would be your favourite theme idea for the next contest?
Games like Breath of the Wild (only 4 tabs for new) or Celeste would be cool i think, what other ideas do you have? (games from 2015 only)