Midnight - Sunset

Hi friends, I hope you are doing fine, :grinning:, Im looking for someone who can tab this song, is an absolute awesome! Im sure you will like it as much as I do, sadly Im not good at tabs :cry: (it doesnt need to be perfect)
Secret PD: if you are reading this, have a nice day! things will only get better, so smile! :grin: sorry 4 my english

The solo part

Sadly I don’t have the time to write tabs at the moment, but I would recommend you to try getting better at writing tabs yourself. What helps me with fast songs are programs like Transcribe! that can slow down the audio without changing the pitch. Songs like this that are mostly a guitar solo are good for practice. Additionally, you have the video where you can see how it is played. If you practice and get better at it you will have a lot of fun because you don’t have to look for tabs all the time :smiley: . If you get stuck or need help you can always write me a pm. And if you just can’t get it down I’ll get to it when I have time.

Thanks for your response Bloody Pizza, I have tried slowing the video speed but in general it sounds sloppy :frowning: maybe is because i don’t have a good musical theory :cry:

If you slow down the video you also change the pitch of the music. Try to download it as mp3 and use a program that does not change the pitch when slowing down. And I have almost no knowledge about music theory despite playing guitar for over 11 years now :sweat_smile: . If you still can’t do it I’ll help you in a view days. Just a bit busy atm.

Did you manage to write the tab? If not I can do it over the next view days.

Mm more or less, i wrote some of the notes of the mid of the song however the main riff and the solo still sound weird to me

Can you upload or send me what you have?

Today in the night i will upload it :grin: i cant right now.
Edit: im tabbing the solo again because i lost the paper where i wrote the tab

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