Original Tunes Contest 01: Prelude / Opening / Intro [AAAAND THE WINNER IS...]

@everyone Here are the results of the 1st edition of the Gametabs Origial Tune Contest (GOTC) 2017 :smiley:

At the final 1st place : Tiger Child with his Chrono Trigger inspired composition “Prelude, an Opening to an Adventure”
At the 2nd place: @Danilo Ciaffi#2550 with his cinematic intro “The Fall of Belial”
At the 3rd place: Avaruussaha and his lovely acoustic piece “Dawn” and Basisti94 with his orchestral “Prelude to a Forlorn World”
With the highest number of Honourable Mentions (2): Birdnet, with “Prelude Woods”

Here is the full ranking (the +1 is the bonus point you ear by voting)

Tiger Child: 15 +1

Danilo Ciaffi: 14 +1

Avaruussaha: 11 +1

Basisti94: 11 +1

Hslesperance: 6 +1

Shrinx: 3 +1

Soundsandstuff: +1

Birnet: +1

BeckWreck: + 1

Honourable Mentions

Birdnet: 2
Hslesperance: 1
Basisti94: 1

Here is the 2017 Original Tune Championship: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10aj--uNGVIFxbSvBFr-n_iCTtRwwydUiAoTfArZ70P4/edit?usp=sharing
The +1 pink point is for the member with the highest number of Honourable mentions !

I’m waiting to know what theme Tiger Child will pick to create the June contest and make the new topic on Gametabs ^^
If he doesn’t respond whiting the 12 next hours i’ll ask Danilo, and if he doesn’t answer i’ll ask Avaruussaha and so on.


How does it work?

It’s simple, you all post in the comments your top 3 (you can’t vote for yourself), the 1st one of your top will win 3 points, the 2nd 2 points and the 3rd 1 point.
I also ask you to give me one or two honourable mention(s).
Ofc if you can give some feedbacks while voting that’d be appreciated :smiley:
On the 1st of June i’ll announce the winner and he’ll chose the theme for the next contest =)
If you vote you win 1 point (which can make a difference).
For entertaining reasons i’ll create a championship sheet, the winner of this month will win 5 points, the 2nd 4 points etc.
The person with the more HM will get a bonus point on the championship ^^
Every participant will at least win 1 point for the championship =)

Those are the rules for now, they may change in the future based on what work well or not ^^
Btw we got 10 entries, which is a lot, i’m really happy to see you guys seem to enjoy the return of the original contests entries :smile:

The Entries

Hey friends, it’s time to revive an old Gametabs tradition: The Original Tunes Contest !

We all like Video Game Musics, and some of us dream to compose songs for games soundtracks, well here is a good way to practice and show what you can do !

How does it work ?

Each contest will last one month, each month will have a theme that you must respect to participate.
Could be “Battle Themes” could be “Main Character Theme” or “Forest Theme” etc etc.
You sometimes may be asked to write a bit of context/story around our song.

The theme will be picked by the previous month’s winner.
So it also means that the previous contest winner will have to write a post with the theme, so the organizer is not always the same person. The organizer can participate to his own theme too =)
The themes could follow a story from contests to contests (that’s why I picked opening/intro for the 1st contest) or not, only the winner will decides if he wants. The winner can also write a small text explaining a situation and your goal will be to create a music that would fit that situation.

Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed !
To enter your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this contest.
You can upload your songs on youtube, soundcloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.
Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

At the end of the month, during 2 or 3 days people will vote to elect the best entry (I’ll explain the voting system when it will be time).

This Month Theme

Prelude / Opening / Introduction.

This would be the first music people will hear in the game, it has to describes the global atmosphere of the universe you have in mind. You may also include (or not) different musical themes/sections to show a changing situation in your universe.

Add a little description of the world/universe to see how it fits your music.
If it’s a futuristic dark world controlled by technology, you ain’t gonna use a charming flute with sweet harp arpeggios :stuck_out_tongue:

You have until the 25th of May to submit your song HERE!
Not on discord (join us: https://discord.gg/5n7qEwu), not on private message, but here :wink:

If you have any question be sure to let me know, i may have forgot to explain some points ahah :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet, I have missed these. I can’t promise I’ll participate for certain but I’ll definitely try to make the effort to get something done!
I’ve been needing an excuse to practice composing things again

1minute long is kinda short and you don’t have to make amazing stuffs, let’s all start it with simple things to bring the contests to life with some entries :smiley:

Aye I can’t make any promises myself but I really have missed these entries, would love to see these make a come back.

Here’s mine. Prelude / Opening Theme
In my head, I had a quiet RPG game, in a forest. Very peaceful, but with some mysteries.

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Ah, the tune contests have returned. I’ll enter if I can find some free time. No promises!

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Here’s my entry! Prelude to a Forlorn World
The setting is an RPG in a sad isolated land that’s gradually being forced to a war with the world’s last remaining technologically superior empire.

Hah your title makes me think Darksouls, the first 4-5 seconds really helped reinforce that. lol
Awesome job though gents, I booked a bit of time off in May so I’ll try and get something in myself.

Really happy to see we already got 2 nice entries :smiley:

I have have all the building blocks ready for an entry! Now I just have to learn to play it smoothly, and think what to do with tracking.

Nice, it has been a long time Ava, hope you’re doing good =)

Wow, I’ve been inactive for a whole year… Time for my comeback!
In all seriousness, here’s my entry for the contest! To The End
I imagined a grand RPG for this one, set in a land on the edge of ruin, if not ruined already, hence the more sorrowful tone. I threw in some more intense segments to show that is at least some hope here, though.

Good enough - work being a bit tiresome, but more than that my involvement ceased when I started going to guitar lessons again. I’d like to think the several months have had an effect.

I cheated a little bit, I wrote this for a project and figured I could enter it here.

This piece was supposed to be a title track for a visual novel called Bad Day which follows our protagonist’s…less than stellar day. The story starts out as a very generic slice of life scenario, but the story continues to get worse for him. I tried to convey that as a story throughout the piece.

Sheet Music is viewable here, if you want to tell me how to improve it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3vxuhq306pf0v0r/Malbona%20Tago%20-%20Full%20Score.pdf?dl=0

Hey guys, nice to be here! Here’s my entry:

In a medieval fantasy world humanity is about to be taken over by Belial, an evil demon. A hero sacrificed everything to confine him and bring back peace to the world of men, who lived serenely for generations.
But the demon is about to be awake again…

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

All composing is done, but I’m still practicing for recording… But I have time!

I’m behind, but I’ll try to get caught up! There are some nice entries so far! :slight_smile:

I’m so happy to see you guys entering this like in the good old days :smiley:
really good stuffs !!!

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oh tune contest number 1 huh?? starting alllll over.
i may enter. sorry hashel about the zelda track. things got a bit silly and unpredictable for a bit and i wasnt able to record anything.

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Here we go.

Some kind of a fantasy/steampunk world, where pockets of civilization are littered around the globe. Flying is the only way to travel, and the protagonist obviously has inherited a plane that greatly resembles a WW2 Zero/something.


How do I embed Soundcloud here? The code from Soundcloud doesn’t seem to work as is.

Don’t think I have practiced anything I’ve done so much before, and I actually gave up and started tracking part by part, but on last try managed to squeeze it into two takes (one for both tempos). There is quite a lot to improve on the dynamics and precision still, but this would be the first 100% live playable thing I’ve done, wohoo!