Original Tunes Contest 08: Pause / Loading / Break

Theme: Pause / Loading / Break
Deadline: 29th of December, start thinking of next theme choices after christmas!

About the theme… Often the pause screen is muted, for a reason. But in this case we have at least something ambient going on. I wanted to add the loading screen word there too, since it is also time spent doing nothing, waiting.

Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed !

To enter your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this contest.
You can upload your songs on youtube, soundcloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.

Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

At the end of the month, during 2 or 3 days people will vote to elect the best entry (I’ll explain the voting system when it will be time).

Good luck

Last contest results!

Avaruussaha claimed most points for the SHOP THEME

12 Avaruussaha
9 Lloyde Sorrow
7 Hslesperance +HM
5 Danilo Ciaffi
1 Floflo +HM
1 sharprainmusic

For Hslesperance to beat Danilo on the year track, some cyber bullying might be required to keep him at bay… Unlikely here :slight_smile:

A 1 minute+ Pause / Loading / Break theme that would more than likely be muted or ignored. Ah, my feelings are already hurting. I’m T R I G G E R E D! Hahaha.

Back when we had the boss theme in the old forums, I rated the entries based on which one sounded like the most annoying battle…

For Hslesperance to beat Danilo on the year track

Ha, I didn’t realize I had so many points, didn’t even win a single round yet.

I haven’t played many games with pause music, found a playlist with some examples. The first thing that comes to mind for pause screens is Goldeneye. That’s just iconic.

Also found an interesting read about pause / loading music in this book by Tim Summers, Understanding Video Game Music

Here’s my track : https://soundcloud.com/florian-decros/pause-theme

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Allllright! Here’s my track!

Kind of boring, but this type of theme is meant to be subdued. Used the first half of my opening theme song, but stripped down the melody to fewer notes, reharmonized the chords and changed it from 4/4/ to 3/4.

Omg Lloyde’s track <3
Btw, i saw you did 2 songs, the other one is so nice too !!!

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Thank you :3

I had a similar thing in mind as Lloyde it seems…

Staying subdued was harder than I thought, have to say. I had some crazy tune with nylon and steel string guitar and a recorder, until I realized that I’m waaaaaaaaaay off the intended feel.

I promise I will enter guys

Here’s my track to defend my position from hles (but from ava and floflo too) :angry:

I imagined one of those exploration games set in space with a somewhat retro feel, I think this fits decently.

We probably all didn’t consider that a pause screen may also be frantic to give the player the urge to resume the game, but who cares.

As I’m not sure I’ll have time to work on it again I’ll post now and edit later in the eventuality.
I should stop speedrunning these compositions.

I guess this is my first ambient track, put together quickly before I leave my home until the new year.

I tried to make it mildly haunting yet calm. It could perhaps play during a load screen when entering some creepy area in an adventure game… I don’t know honestly :smiley:

The piano part has a Nier vibe to it :slight_smile:

My first submission for one of these contests :slight_smile: It’s a very minimalistic track, hope you enjoy it.

I keep waiting to hear the fugue starting for some reason, especially in the second section of the tune… Ive been listening to some of this style of music lately. Also, seems like ive heard songs written in this way before with the descending bass notes in one of our transcriptions.

7 entries so far. Very nice! :slight_smile:

Still some time left before we go into rating each, but a good spot to start thinking about themes we want to follow up with.

How about antagonist theme? Obviously there was the previous suggestion that relates more to the current season, but I’ll have someone repeat it with more specifics.

Hmmm… I’m not sure. Honestly, I’m pretty much fine with any theme.

This was a tough theme to nail. In fact, for each of the songs I could think of “pause screen” only as a second application, as I always pictured some other kind of level first.
Nonetheless, the entries were very very good production-wise :slight_smile:

I’ll leave comment and express my top 3 when we’re sure no one else is entering.

Lloyde Sorrow: I loved this piece, it is very sweet. Feels like resting, gave me To the Moon vibes.

hlesperance: I like the sense of suspension this song has, makes you feel you have to do something so the music will resolve.
I feel it would work perfectly in a cave too.

Avaruussaha: Very good! Same direction as Lloyde, but darker, almost a “game over” feel. If Lloyde was “rest”, this is like deep slumber.

FingerstyleGaming: This is very nice, I can definitely imagine this to work in a Little Nightmares kind of game.

Tremendouz: Some dungeon feel indeed, but I really like the soundstaging and the texture.

Floflo79: This has a lot of “lobby” vibe, which I think is good for this theme I think. The song sounds a bit chopped, like if you pulled down a fader in the middle of it :confused:

HM - FingerstyleGaming
3rd - Avaruussaha
2nd - Lloyde Sorrow
1st - hlesperance

For next month I really don’t know. Frozen? Chase? Dungeon? Boss?
Dungeon could be my favorite, to be honest, but let’s hear les autres.