Original Tunes Contest 10: Boss #1

Theme: Boss Theme
Deadline: 2018-01-26 (short month oh no!)

About the theme… A boss fight, to follow up on the previous dungeon theme - we are at the end, and either found what we were looking for, or perhaps the other way around? When posting your entry, feel free to add some context/description on what this specific scene is like (or leave the imagining up to the listener).

Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed!

To enter your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this contest.
You can upload your songs on youtube, soundcloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.

Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

At the end of the month, during 2 or 3 days people will vote to elect the best entry (voting info provided later on).

Good luck.

And also Congratulations to @Danilo_Ciaffi for winning the previous month!
Ava finished 2nd and we have a tree people tie at the third place with Mairiba, Tremendouz and Aargyulo!

Hope to see you guys keep on entering :smiley:


I got a sudden boost of inspiration today so here’s mine :smiley:

Our heroes have made their way through the ancient ruins and arrived at the end of a long corridor. Suddenly the path opens into a giant cave and they’re facing an enormous statue. Or is it a statue? It’s too dark to tell, way too dark…

Man, it’s been a while since I last tried entering one of these! (I swear, I either get an idea and have it done in a day, or it takes me four months. :joy: )

Anyway, here’s my entry, “Terror of the Caves”.

We make it to the end of the treacherous (yet pretty) cave only to start hearing something rumbling. Suddenly, something awakes before our heroes! It’s too dark to make out what exactly it is, not even the luminescent crystals provide enough light, but two things are for certain: it’s been living here for a very long time, and it is NOT happy to see you!
(I wanted to try embed Soundcloud here, but I have no idea what I’m doing :joy: ) *Fixed

For me the embedding works by simply copy-pasting the URL from Soundcloud to the post, rest happens automatically.

The preview looks crazy, but the end result is as you can see in the Tremendouz’s post.

Yep, just copy paste the link and it should work. Anyway, really nice one @Shrinx, the composition works really well

I’ll have to try again next time then!

Thanks @Tremendouz, loved yours as well!

Hi, I’m new to this community and and my first time doing this video game theme song. Here’s my take on boss theme.

What’s up @Shrinx I edited your comment. You need a full line of space before and after the soundcloud link. If it’s surrounded by other text, the link won’t embed.

Here’s mine

Slightly somber near the beginning before turning bombastic and heroic. It loops back to the 0:10 mark at the end.

Thanks a lot @hslesperance I owe you one! (Although, given you’ve corrected plenty of my mistakes in the past, maybe more than one :joy: )

Here’s mine, going full “DOOM” on this one : https://soundcloud.com/florian-decros/boss-theme-1

yea I went in a different direction as always.

Enjoy the rave :smiley:

So many entries already :o

Here is my entry!

For this one I thought of a creature who hid in a cave because he was corrupted by Belial and didn’t want to become his puppet. Unfortunately the hero stumbles upon him, and starts attacking believing he is his enemy. The battle rages, the monster’s fight is on two levels: confront our hero and try to resist to Belial’s influence.

In section B we have 3 melodies “fighting” each other: The solo cello is the voice of the monster, the horns play the hero’s theme (cfr Main Character month) and the violas harmonize the cello leading to Belial’s theme (cfr prelude + horror months). The section concludes with the cello going in its highest register, a last cry to be heard from the monster, before he ultimately falls under Belial’s control.

In the third section the battle gets frantic again reaching its climax, until the hero finally overcomes his opponent. It all resolves to silence, the monster is dead.

The hero defeated the beast.
But did he… win?

Good to see we have plenty of entries - I’ll be done close to the deadline with mine.

What is the public opinion for the next theme? Winter and cold was mentioned as a candidate a few threads back, is there something more specific we can figure out for that?

Or if there’s something else that fits, suggest!

I like winter theme personally

Winter sounds cool to me (pun partially intended)

Here we go! I had my electric guitar repaired, and had a bass at hand (I have no idea what I’m doing with the bass…), so I wanted to try out something a bit more growly than I usually make. The last part of the tune utilizes the chord progression from my dungeon theme.

As for the related boss encounter: this follows the previous dungeon theme - at the end of a maze of a tomb, there is a huge underground cavern/hall. Most of the cavern is flooded with mercury, and the boss we are after has something to do with this. Theres three stages to the encounter: first theres tons of minions which need to be dispatched of, after which the pool of mercury starts ‘boiling’. From the pool emerges dozens of quicksilver tendrils, trying to bash and grab at the heroes. After avoiding those, a clawed monstrosity climbs from under the surface.

The phases loop, except the big baddie stays in melee after the initial entry at first phase 3.

Winter/ Cold will be a cool theme to take a shot at. :slight_smile:

So this is my entry for this month’s boss themes: https://soundcloud.com/mairiba/battle-against-a-disciplined-opponent-a-boss-theme

Pasted in from my track description: In terms of context, and without being specific, I imagined that this theme would go with fighting against a type enemy that knows the art of battle back to front and around again. What’s worse? They have the experience to show for it. This battle is more than a simple case of who can hit each other the hardest and live. No, this enemy is not in fact a primitive beast relying on instinct. They will think of every trick in their arsenal to outsmart you. That is their key to victory.