Original Tunes Contest 12: Hope

Theme: Hope
Deadline: 2018-04-27

Hope is the word this time. Things could be better, and with this theme we start gaining confidence that they WILL be better. A hint of discomfort is ok for contrast, but the important factor for this theme is to give the feeling that hope is not lost.

Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed!

To enter your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this contest.

You can upload your songs on youtube, soundcloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.

Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

At the end of the month, during 2 or 3 days people will vote to elect the best entry (voting info provided later on).

Good luck.

Here’s my entry.

For the “Hope” theme I went with an orchestral battle composition. I imagined a desperate battle being fought at the broken gate of a besieged castle. With the promise of reinforcements on their way, the vastly outnumbered defenders fight tooth and nail to hold the breach, all the while hoping they have not been abandoned.

This was a lot of fun, looking forward to seeing what everyone else came up with!

What a great opening for the contest, love it! I hope I can come up with something this month as well

heres my “hope” themed piece- cool idea this competition by the way- I always find it good motivation
…after battle but before party. kinda like ewocks on endor ?

Here’s my track : https://soundcloud.com/florian-decros/hope
Again, kinda did it in a hurry, it’s the exam year :frowning:

Hey there everyone, I found this place by chance from a reddit a post! This sounded like a lot of fun to do and I had some extra time to spare so here is my hopeful track:

It has been a while but I was able to finish a piece this time around too!

Here’s my entry for this contest. It’s an RPG overworld theme with a good contrast of minor and major keys which I think fits the theme for this month…

I had two hours to puke an entry, so here we go:

The idea is that the frozen palace, (maybe after like breaking a spell or something) starts coming back to life, and what seemed an abandoned land covered in ice starts transitioning in a new spring.

I suck at happy music.

For next month (gametabs contest’s birthday?) here’re some themes that I think could be cool:

  • Inn/tavern
  • Tribal village
  • Desert
  • Volcano (since we did icy?)

lots of great orchestral themes here! anyway here’s a quirky out-of-place glitch track https://soundcloud.com/insanity-1/uplift

This is meant to be exhilarating, like maybe the hero’s driving away from a prison they’ve just escaped to the villain’s lair.

wow! this is excellent! especially love the percussion! what library/soundpack is it if you dont mind me asking?

I had to sit down and force something in one sitting. But here is Hope!

My sitting bones hurt.

Hi Guys,

New to the forum and will be popping my head up every now and then. Heres my submission:

Limited my time with this one for extra challenge. Enjoy!

P.S. Some great submissions here, thoroughly enjoyed them all.

EDIT: Spelling mistakes

Times up, time to vote!

Also, chip in with your opinion about the next theme. Myself, I like all the ideas Danilo listed (Inn/Tavern, Tribal Village, Desert, Volcano). My preference would be Desert.

TL;DR: Pick top 5 - comments appreciated, but not mandatory.

Each voter chooses top 5 entries. The most favored pick gets 5 points, second 4, and third 3, fourth 2, fifth 1. The voter gets 1 points for voting.

The participant with highest TOTAL is assigned a score of 10, followed up by 8, 7, 6 … 1 (never less than 1). If the TOTAL is tied, both participants are assigned with the same values as if they won the position alone.

Here is the playlist of entries, do note the youtube entry too. I count 10 total.

[3rd Pick] - With Purpose
Great FF/Zelda style overworld theme with tons of variation. The only reason i did not place it first is because of my personal taste of realism / synthy.

[2nd Pick] - Battle at the Gates.
At First i didn’t get the quite Hope vibe, but as it progressed iI could feel it. Great job on keeping it interesting and the Military purcussion.

My only criticism would be the brass. It sounds fairly synthy and could sound great if it was layered with other brass and applied some of the “Realism” techniques for MIDI orchestration.

[1st Pick] - The Final Push.
Strong ‘Hope’ vibe from this one. Production quality was very good.

My only criticism would be the drums, sometimes I heat the same velocity and exact same sample played on the downbeat. To be honest, im a massive hypocrite for saying that because i do the same.

Good job to all who participated and I hope to see you all for the enext one.

Leaving super quick top 5, sorry for the lack of commentary, will get on those later

5th Darren Wulff
4th Alek Fleischer
3rd Avarussaha
2nd Jason Kelliher
1st Mairiba

Thank you! :smiley: It is actually a lot of different free/open licensed sound-fonts and samples I have scrounged together over the past year or so. The percussion drums and slaps are from the “G-Town Church Sampling Project”.

It was awesome to listen through everyone’s work and I could imagine each entry fitting into different kinds of games!

Here is my top five:

  1. Miro Laaksonen - Breath In
    There is some very cool things going here! The build up with the melody to that chord change which gives a hopeful melancholic feel that I’m into. With the drum kit part I probably would’ve kept it going to keep the momentum the drums were building towards.

4)Tyler Cunningham - Battle at the Gates
I love that you went for the juxtaposition with the theme of hope! I think you could have even gone even more crazy and dark with the song. Then have the hopeful melodies break through that with a different rhythm. I’m not sure if my ideas make much sense, but overall all great job!

3)Mairiba - With Purpose
This one was had really really catchy melodies that are fantastic! The main melody reminds me a lot of the Little Root Town from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. While being a great hopeful track I feel like it could be more dramatic, but that is just my personal preference.

2)Alek Fleischer - Aliased Road
I like the feeling this track has going for it. I really appreciated the weird occasional dissonant lead lines that quickly sneaked in places. It was almost my number one, but I felt it could have a strong hopeful lead melody that would bring it all together.

1)Jason Kelliher - Hope
The moment you press play it hits you with the calming strings and it is wonderful. I like all the little build ups with the strings and the way the drums come in are super smooth! The only thing I can say is that I wish it was just a bit longer to let that last big build really sing! Great job!

A few days late, didn’t start it until the 27th, still finished within the month!

Emotions seem more difficult to compose than areas; hopefully it fits the theme. No specific scenario, just meant to be uplifting and ready to overcome any obstacles. It also can loop back to the beginning, but unlike most other tracks I’ve made for these contests, I didn’t include the loop and first few measures at the end.