Original Tunes Contest 14: Tribal/Quirky Village

Theme: Tribal (or otherwise Quirky) Village
Deadline: 2018-06-28

About the theme… Tribal village - this place is a bit backwards to what you (the protagonist) are used to. Strange customs, maybe even barbaric on someone’s standards. And as it happens, they have their own particular taste and style in music! I also added ‘quirky’ to the theme not to narrow the choices too much, especially after doing desert in the last thread.

Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed!

To enter your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this contest.
You can upload your songs on youtube, soundcloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.

Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

At the end of the month, during 2 or 3 days people will vote to elect the best entry (voting info provided later on).

Good luck.

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Here’s my Track. For the theme I went with a more percussion heavy, and rhythmic focused approach than previous themes. It ended up sounding like a bit of a Turok inspired. atmospheric track and has a more darker sound to it I think.

As for a tribal village and what I imagined, I thought it would fit well with a sort of primitive, secluded village that has a malevolent side to it, like a tribe of cannibals or cultists. Or perhaps the music plays while a group of adventurer’s stumble across the village, watching and hiding at the jungle’s edge as a sacrifice or dark ritual is taking place.

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This place is less tribal in the traditional sense, but more about a community living under the shadow of a layer of an undescribed mega-city. This is the last pitstop for scrap and abandoned mechanics, and the “unfortunate” lot down below make full use from all of it.

Kinda far-fetched for the original “tribal” vibe, I went with something a bit murky and positively-post-apocalyptic instead. I got the idea when I was down with fever, and couldn’t sleep… I’m not sure if I would have come up with this without that state of mind as a spark.

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Here’s my track, for a more peaceful and friendly tribe

Yay finally made something after a couple of months’ break!

I didn’t go the usual “ooga-booga” way to fit the theme. Instead I went for a “hybrid” feel with the combination of Indian percussion and various synth sounds plus some band instruments… a cyberpunk tribe? Why not.

I was heavily inspired by Stewart Copeland’s work on the original Spyro games. The games also have the kind of settings that I was thinking about when making this track (with quirky characters and so on)

Any deadline extension ?

Nnnah, let’s keep up the pace. It is summer and people are doing other stuff (I suppose). Just put the 4 in your preferred order.

TL;DR: Pick top 4. Or 3 if you are one of the guys who participated…

Each voter chooses top 4 entries. The most favored pick gets 4 points, second 3 points, third 2, and fourth 1. The voter gets 1 points for voting.

The participant with highest TOTAL is assigned a score of 10, followed up by 8, 7, 6 … 1 (never less than 1). The participant with most honorable mentions gets an extra 1 point when final scoring is given. If the TOTAL is tie, both participants are assigned with the same values as if they won the position alone.

Shout and scream with theme preferences, otherwise I’m picking Inn/Tavern for next

Very cool interpretations of the theme here everyone, really unique stuff, another tough ranking.

  1. Avaruussaha- Scrap Sector IV: Fit your description perfectly. The organ sound really brings the track to life, especially around 30 seconds in, loved it.

  2. Tremendouz- Cyber Tribe: I lol’d at “ooga-booga”. Anyway, I can definitely hear that Sypro vibe as you said, would totally fit in one of the games. Really groovy track, could hear this playing while exploring some back alleyways or trudging through a crowded street in some futuristic place.

  3. Floflo79- Tribal Village: Man, the bass was awesome on this track. well done! Felt some ska vibes to it. Pictured a island village just jamming out from sunset to sunrise. Really enjoyed what you did at 1:14,

Again, well done everyone, impressive work. For the next theme I’d suggest maybe racing, space or an underwater/ocean setting theme.

Heyo, shame to see so few entries, but it was really a lot of fun to listen to them :slight_smile:
More than other times I enjoyed going especially through the various interpretarions of the theme, definitely very interesting!

My votes:

HM - Floflo: Nice and groovy, the bass is funky as heck too. Really nice
3rd - Ava: Underground it is, fits your setting perfecrly and I like a lot the choice of the sounds
2nd - Tyler: Jungly indeed, and Turok reminiscent, it’s true. The mood is nailed, and it is tense but not creepy, no alarm signs but the place still keeps you on your toes on a subliminal level
1st - Tremendouz: The track is in the direction I would have gone too, and I love the mashup of plucky indian and futuristic, coolcoolcool

Hope to be thtere for next month!

Not a lot of entries but still really nice variety of different vibes which is cool.

1st) TylerCunningham
The atmosphere is so strong it could be cut with a… ehm, machete? Lovely omnious vibes here, makes it feel like I’m somewhere I don’t belong.

2nd) Avaruussaha
Fits your description perfectly, I’m imagining some atmospheric, artsy 2D indie game taking place here haha

3rd) floflo79
I think I’m getting some Diddy Kong Racing vibes here, very uplifting and catchy!

For the next theme I would suggest racing (picked from Tyler’s list of propositions, wouldn’t have thought about it otherwise but I love the idea)

Definitely gonna get in on this next month.

  1. @Avaruussaha
    When I listened to this I instantly pictured Midgar from FF7 but that could be because your description just reminded me of it lol. Anyway I really love the instruments used I thought they blended really well together, and I agree with Tyler I think that organ sound really makes the song stand out. I think ‘murky’ is the perfect word to describe the overall feel of the song.

  2. @TylerCunningham
    Your song fits the theme perfectly as a tribal village, but instead of cannibals I could imagine the villagers performing some kind of fire ritual at night. Somehow it felt wrong without involving fire lol. I really like that little wooden glassy instrument that plays throughout, sounds like a xylophone? I love the atmosphere of the track and that didgeridoo sound was a nice touch.

  3. @Tremendouz
    I thought the combination of styles and instruments was a really interesting choice, and I could definitely imagine some kind of futuristic middle eastern area. I especially loved the outro when it returns from the futuristic feel to a more traditional one.
    Also really loving your logo, did you make it yourself?

  4. @floflo79
    I had a hard time picturing a tribal village, even a peaceful one, but I still really enjoyed the song. The bass in the track was amazing especially around 0:40, I replayed it a few times just to hear the bass again. Overall very catchy theme and i love that there’s always something new added to each little section.

I like the idea of a tavern theme, or a space song like Tyler said.

Also really loving your logo, did you make it yourself?

@laoise Yeah I used cooltext.com for my logo :smiley:

Hello all,

These are my votes:

1st - @Tremendouz

2nd - @TylerCunningham

3rd - Avaruussaha
(I can only mention 2 users, as a new user apparently???)

Well done all!

Late again… did most of the work on the deadline date. Leaned towards the quirky side (thanks for including that option Ava!) with some familiar elements from my previous desert track. The transitions into and out of the 7/8 section are a bit clumsy, but it was fun making a goofy tune about an unusual place.


3rd Place - Avaruussaha Would be my top pick if we were just going by listening experience. Love the sound, but it’s a bit too out there with regards to the theme.

2nd Place - Tremendouz Only mildly familiar with the Spyro soundtracks, but I assume they are very heavily based on strong rhythms, (since Copeland’s a drummer), and this song has a great, driving rhythm.

1st Place - TylerCunningham There’s usually one track in each contest that pulls off what my original idea of what the theme should sound like. This is that.

(There’s so many spam accounts on Soundcloud. I just removed three likes and blocked four accounts after uploading this new track)

TylerCunningham - Lost in the Jungle
Very on point delivery for said theme. I get a bit scary vibes from it too.

Avaruussaha - Scrap Sector IV

Hmm, quite hyper. I think if toned down on the intensity it would be closer to the theme?

Rad! Kinda makes me think of something I’d hear in Unreal Tournament.

Hslesperance - OFF the BEATen path
Ehh a late entry… That I like very much.

4th - floflo79
3rd - Tremendouz
2nd - TylerCunningham
1st - Hslesperance - While Tyler nailed the traditional tribal part, this nails the quirky part… And I’m biased to quirky :slight_smile:

Eyy TylerCunningham wins again! Thanks a ton for the extra voters!

Next one is either racing or the inn/tavern, I need a tiebreaker from somewhere.