Original Tunes Contest 16: Racing

Theme: Racing
Deadline: 2018-08-28

About the theme… Racing, speed, curves, speed, competition, power, action, speed… Running, boat racing, track racing, you really have all kinds of ways to go about this, so I’ll leave it at that.

Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed!

To enter your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this contest.
You can upload your songs on youtube, soundcloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.

Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

At the end of the month, during 2 or 3 days people will vote to elect the best entry (voting info provided later on).

Good luck.

Previous theme, Inn/Tavern was won by Moonbike, listen below:

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Here’s my little track, MIDI style https://soundcloud.com/florian-decros/racing-theme

I think it would be cool to have in the 1t post of each new contest a reminder of who won the previous one and maybe a link to his entry? =)

But it IS there :astonished:

sneaaaky ;D

Here’s my entry! It was really fun to try out a genre I haven’t touched before, even if it’s pretty generic.

Hey! So, a fellow from the Pixel Mixers Discord recommended that I try entering.
Since I put this out the day before the theme was announced, this obviously wasn’t made exclusively for the contest, but he said it’s probably recent enough that it passes. (If it isn’t cool though, I totally understand! Please let me know, and I’ll see if I can make something newer in the next week or so).


Running away from mixing

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Finally, my first participation to this contest. Since the 21 days of vgm challenge, my motivation to compose some tunes is so high ^^ So, i think you’ll see me here a bit more now :slight_smile:
Anyway, here’s my entry for this month :

Year 3003, a new concept of motion has been developed. Thanks to a magnete system speed of sound can be easly reached. Enjoy flying in the sky and crossing submarine tunnels escaping from police.


Here’s mine! I wanted to make something intense and catchy to fit the theme

It’s basically a loopable track but I wanted to have a clear start and end for the sake of the upload (not the biggest fan of fade-outs)

Here we go!

A bit of a mix of synthwave and DnB I think? Could be a futuristic setting, or just another track in a night race. I didn’t think of loopability too much here, the track could just move on to the next one after this one is over.

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joins danilo in sprinting away from mixing

Envisioned this in a sort of F-Zero environment. Don’t let the AABABC form fool ya, this only loops toward the end lol

(p.s. this has been a really cool contest theme for getting to see everyone’s genre range, keep it up!)

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Right now in Los Angeles is 7 pm of Monday August 27th; if timezone does not matter this is my entry. Is not as polished as i did wish due to real life going in the middle of my work but i did took a more rock approach to racing than i did in other soundtracks i made on Amiga - especially Highway Spirit.

The song is made in Milkytracker, eight channels.

Racing Entry for GameTabs

Voting time!

TL;DR: Pick top 5. Comments appreciated, but not mandatory.

Each voter chooses top 5 entries. The most favored pick gets 5 points, fourth 4 points etc… The voter gets 1 points for voting.

The participant with highest TOTAL is assigned a score of 10, followed up by 8, 7, 6 … 1 (never less than 1). If the TOTAL, is a tie, both participants are assigned with the same values as if they won the position alone.

No ‘honorable mentions’ will be counted with this many participants.

So, first time that I vote.

  1. Tremendouz = Armageddon style. Powerful heavy guitar, just one question, which Digital? Amp have you used? :D)
  2. SlashBib = the Power Chords of that guitar (synth or not doesn’t matter) make me feel in a real competion, good choice. The lead is also well made and in synthony with the drum and you can easily enjoy it during a race.
  3. Avaruussaha = cool synthwave the chorus is still looping in my mind. :wink:
  4. Basisti94 = I imagine this track meanwhile I’m playing a kind of 2D racing game where you have to avoid the obstacles, nice instrumentation and melody.
  5. PaperCoelacanth = Nice melody, Amiga style. :slight_smile:

Here is the playlist with the entries!

And the YouTube entry

Yay glad you liked it! Here’s my FX chain for the guitar (which is a VSTi btw, Ample Metal Eclipse):

  • TSC-1.1 (mercuriall)
  • NRR-1 (used the lead channel)
  • TPA-1
  • GuitarHacks IR

I’ll vote later today myself

Great work everyone ^^

  1. Avaruussaha : This is the exactly style of music when I think of racing games. Awesome work.
  2. Evan Wardell : Violence, speed, momentum ! A pretty simple rhythmic section sublimized by an excellent melody.
  3. PaperCoelacanth : The bass line is so great ! Really catchy tune :slight_smile:
  4. Tremendouz : Excellent riffs \m/ But, how can you win a race while headbanging all the time ? ^^
  5. Basisti94 : Nice work on the melody and also in the choice of synths.

Thanks SMAC88 and SlashBib for the comments! And thanks again to Danilo for sending me here!

I really like all the different approaches here, you’re all awesome.
My votes:

  1. Tremendouz - Fantastic riffs, and sounds incredible!
  2. Avaruussaha - A joy to listen to all the way through. That solo 2/3s of the way in is tasty.
  3. EvanWardell - Very fun, especially love the piano driven bit around 1:44.
  4. SlashBib - Great synth work, you definitely nailed the 80s A E S T H E T I C!
  5. Basisti94 - Love the sounds here too, and the progression / melodies are fun!