Original Tunes Contest 17: Overworld [deadline updated]

Theme: Overworld
Deadline: 2018-09-29 updated to at least Friday

About the theme… This is the theme for when venturing between more exciting occasions, usually accompanied with movement on a map (but not necessarily?). Usually it gives a strong sense of the overall theme of the soundtrack, or the specific surroundings and current atmosphere.

Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed!

To enter your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this contest.
You can upload your songs on youtube, soundcloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.

Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

At the end of the month, during 2 or 3 days people will vote to elect the best entry (voting info provided later on).

Good luck.

Previous winner for Racing theme:

Oooo this one’ll be fun. Not sure if I’ll have time to get one together for this month since I start grad school tomorrow (RIP), but I’ll definitely try. Excited to see what everyone comes up with, either way!!

Dead link? :o

I hope to see many more last day entries after mine :confused:

Still waiting on a few entries (including mine) to be finished over the weekend. More more more!111

No promises (so don’t necessarily move the deadline for me lol) but I may be able to finish the orchestration on mine by the end of Sunday!

I didn’t finish it yet, very busy this month. But I see everybody is running late this month :smiley:


I could spend an eternity tuning or redoing stuff… but time is up and I’m somewhat satisfied.

The melody and feeling is directly loaned from my “main theme” entry, as its from the same imaginary title (on a few more listens, I suppose it isn’t quite as direct reference as I thought after the initial passage)

I tried to make something adventurous with Zelda/Okami vibes. Didn’t have too much time to fine-tune it so it’s quite rough around the edges but hey, at least I submitted something :smiley:

^^ the moment I saw your inspiration, Tremendouz, I was like ah shit, someone else is going for the dotted quarter note accent pattern hahaha. I actually more or less imagined mine for a setting like Shinshu Field (just with less traditional Japanese imagery, more Super Mario Galaxy vibes). Here it is!

Only had the past 2 days to work on the production, unfortunately, but I’m pretty happy with it, all things considered. I can certainly see why this contest deadline was so hard to meet; the conventions for this kind of theme aren’t nearly as codified, and it typically requires a bigger production. Happy to see so many great tracks still came out of this!

TIME TO VOTE! I bet it is going to be tough and painful…

TL;DR: Just put all the entries in your preferred order, aka top 5.

Aaaaaaaaaand the playlist with the entries!

Shame I couldn’t deliver a more fleshed-out piece for such a nice theme. Anyway, here’s my voting:

  1. Evan Wardell Music - Wide, Whimsical World

Great sense of adventure, makes me almost feel like I’m in a Ghibli movie.

  1. Avaruussaha - Destinations

The acoustic guitar works well with the orcgestrak stuff. Nice atmosphere.

  1. Danilo Ciaffi - Watch The World From Above

What a serene and melancholic piece, very beautiful.

  1. Salvatore Maccarrone - Original Tunes Contest 17: Overworld - Demo

A bit darker take on the theme, makes me imagine a dark and desolated land

  1. Tre- oh right, I guess I can’t include myself :smile:

Hope to see you guys next month too!

Hi guys, here my vote:

  1. Tremendouz
  2. Evan Wardell Music
  3. Danilo Ciaffi
  4. Avaruussaha

Tremendouz, yes when I saw the topic I imagined Skyrim as overworld game so I got that mood. After I converted the project from 44 to 96khz and everything got cut, aahhah I remade some parts but the reverb cut like having a high decay. Anyway, I’m very busy from now on so I hope to be available for the next competions.

The theme was harder than expected it seems, but

  1. Evan Wardell Music: I really enjoyed the way the piece evolves throughout, I’m ready for my quests now
  2. Avaruussaha: oh, I remember the theme in this one. Kinda oriental vibe, very sweet
  3. Salvatore Maccarrone: more of an ambient track, would work nicely in some realistic RPG!
  4. Tremendouz: Very Zeldy, I like a lot the second part especially

Oof sorry for procrastinating on these votes/feedback, the same things that kept me from writing last month came back almost immediatley this week! Here’s my voting (keeping in mind that I readily acknowledge that most of us really didn’t have the time to do everything we wanted with our tracks haha):

  1. Avaruussaha - Super pretty, wonderful production. Does a great job of evolving the texture while still keeping its really intimate character; not entirely sure how I feel about the voice that comes in at 1:20, but maybe that’s why it’s mixed so low, haha.

  2. Danilo Ciaffi - Really beautiful and contemplative piece; the voice and cello are both such nice sounds. Can’t say I’ve played either game you drew inspiration from, but it definitely seems appropriate for what I know of them! Would be interested to see a few more subtle textural elements added in; doesn’t necessarily have to thicken the texture, just a bit of ear candy here and there could go a long way.

  3. SMAC88 - Really nice soundscape here, blurs the line between sound design and composition in an interesting and effective way. That being considered, though, the piano sound was a little bit harsh, and removed me from the experience a bit rather than being a textural element of its own; this also made the repetition, which would have been fine from a soundscape standpoint, take a bit too much of the focus away from the space you created, imo.

  4. Tremendouz - There are some really nice ideas here, and the zelda/okami inspiration definitely shines through! I know you’d specifically mentioned not getting to flesh this out like you wanted, so take this with a grain of salt haha: I like the drop in energy when the accented eighth note patterns drop out to just hit the beginning of each bar, but at those spots I do especially feel like it could use a bit more pad-like voices to compensate for that drop in intensity. That being said, I do like the instrumental evolution that you do have on the second repetition of each section, namely the floor tom (I think?) and harp figures!

All in all, great job with a demanding prompt, yall.

Danilo Ciaffi - Watch the World From Above
The title fits very well. Makes me imagine trajectories/arcs drawn over a globe (overworld theme over a scene showing us moving over the word) in a peaceful manner.

SMAC - Overworld (Demo)
Left wanting for the catch/theme/melody a bit here - you did say it is unfinished :slight_smile:

Avaruussaha - Destinations

Tremendouz - Verdant Valley
Really adventureous melody there! Made me think of something military related as the underlying theme. Reminds me of what I hear in Valkyria Chronicles somewhat.

EvanWardell - Wide, Whimsical World
I was immediately reminded of The Sims build/buy mode music. But this works very nicely for our purpose. Very uplifting feel!

4th: SMAC
3rd: Tremendouz
2nd: EvanWardell - You even nailed the loop so smoothly… Lovely
1st: Danilo Ciaffi - Really liked how this visualized something so specific in my head, and I’m a sucker for melancholic cello… and piano. This was a VERY tight pick between Evan and you.

Very nice setlist! We didn’t get many this time, but the final order was really tight.

EvanWardell takes the win this time, really nice job!

Thanks so much, everyone!! Really enjoyed listening to all of your pieces, can’t wait to see what you all do with the next one!