Original Tunes Contest 20: A New God Arises

Theme: A New God Arises
Deadline: 2018-12-27

About the theme… I wanted something flexible for the last one of this year, and out of the choices in mind, this one seems a bit more open. This is not a Christmas theme though :penguin:.

Imagine the summoning/appearance/creation/whatever of something worthy of worship and awe. This could be either a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on the perspective perhaps? This kind of events could include rituals, prayers, masses, or it could even be a nigh unnoticed event, but still quite mysterious as it really happens.

Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed!

To enter your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this contest.
You can upload your songs on youtube, soundcloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.

Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

At the end of the month, during 2 or 3 days people will vote to elect the best entry (voting info provided later on).

Good luck.

The previous winner for the Love theme:

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I forced myself to start earlier than usual (not 3 days before deadline), and actually finished in a few evenings.

More on the ambient side this time, and it loops very nicely.


I’ll wait until the end of the year to see if I get any company, if not, we’ll just hop into a new theme in January to keep up the pace.

Enjoy your holidays!

This sounded like a fun project for me however I mainly play guitar and don’t have much knowledge of guitar pro 7. I did buckle down and put the effort in and I was able to finish this project in few short days. The Darkness Stirs

Very cool theme idea! I went with something malevolent for my “god”, got inspired after playing some Diablo recently.

I wanted to emphasis the idea of a pact or “deal with the devil” gone horribly wrong, a rising hope that comes crashing down. Along the lines of perhaps a struggling village that has been hit by famine and disease that it is to the point of desperation. Their desperation leads them to ancient texts and forbidden tomes that reference a being that would be their salvation.
Eventually, a dark ritual is performed and the pact between the village and the “god” is made, thus the fate of village sealed. At first, all is well and the village thrives until gradually the true manner of the being and the pact they had made begins to unfold. The village and its people begin to descend into madness, violence and suffering everywhere. The people enter a much more hopeless situation than they were in beforehand, unable to escape and bound by the pact they had made to the dark god.

Hope everyone has a chance to participate and is enjoying the holidays, looking forward for more contests this coming year!


Here’s my attempt at it. I’m not much of a composer, but I was going for a build up as if the god was coming down from the sky, and the climax is when it finally comes face-to-face with the heroes of the story. It was fun writing for something other than guitar for once.


expecting few more entries?

Looks like my submission is linked differently, is it still accessible and contributed properly?

Yeah it works, but it’s not showing the embedded player because you pasted the link without separating it from the paragraph. You can fix it by having the post look like (no need for double linebreaks, just for emphasis):

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More yadayada blabla if you want

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Start listening and voting!

I haven’t heard about any more people getting involved, so I’ll close it out. We got 4 entries, so just put them into your preferred order! I’ll follow-up sometime after new year’s hangover.

thanks i appreciate it

im monitoring the outcome of this feeling eager to perhaps involve myself in the next contest

Here’s my votes. Shame there were so few entries, it was a very cool theme idea.

1. Avaruussaha: I think you did an excellent job, especially with the subtle percussive elements, really atmospheric.I got this sense of walking into some old temple during some ritual with the choir chanting mixed with the darker, unsettling boom of the percussion that gives the listener the unsettling feeling that something is about to happen.

2. Jacoby: Nice progression, you really can tell something very powerful is being witnessed. I can tell this would really come to life with some higher quality samples, good job!

3. Obsession_Dragon: Cool theme, sounds like its out of a retro game boss battle. The faster percussion around :52 is a nice touch and I think if you built on that, it would turn into a really epic ending, nice work!

All in all, nice work fellas, looking forward to the next theme!

  1. Avaruussaha: Excellent combination of choir and ethnic percussion to create a primitive and yet holy feeling.

  2. TylerCunningham: Very dark and evil! Very atmospheric and great instrumentation. It is a very close second for me just because it sounds more like an ancient evil god than a “new god”.

  3. Jacoby: Good idea and great job. However all the instruments are crowded in the middle of the stage and I can hear everything clearly. I think some mixing and layer will help a lot :wink:

Hello, sorry for the late vote!
You guys went for darker things that i thought ^^

  1. TylerCunningham - Dark Pact
  2. Avaruussaha - Rites of Ascension
  3. Jacoby - From the Heavens
  4. Obsession Dragon - THE DARKNESS STIRS

Wow super impressed with all your work on these tracks! Sorry for getting back so late with the voting been busy as of late.
I feel I prefer them in this order…
TylerCunningham-Dark Pact
Avaruussaha- Rites of Ascension
Jacoby-From the Heavens

Hello all

Sorry I’ve been working on a few projects so I haven’t had the time to compose for this month, but hearing some great stuff here!

Here are my votes:

  1. @Avaruussaha
    Put you in my no.1 spot after 3 seconds. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

  2. @TylerCunningham
    Once again great orchestration (just what I expect from you haha!).

  3. @Jacoby
    I enjoyed the composition! I think production-wise it would sound a lot better once you slap either some (or more) reverb on it :smiley:

  4. @Obsession_Dragon
    I really liked this idea! But if it had a bit more of “arises” or development in the composition, you would’ve piqued 3rd spot!

Obsession_Dragon - Darkness Stirs
Sounds like shit is about to hit the fan, but we still have time to intervene! It is also chaotic enough to make me think of something occult instead of neat and cultured.

TylerCunningham - Dark Pact
Nice, the Diablo influence is really clear! To contrast the Obsession_Dragon piece, this sounds like something bad already happened and we are dealing with some serious aftermath (as you describe yourself, too).

Jacoby - From the Heavens
This one sounds a bit more positive and less grim than the others, good to have contrast!

The description was: Imagine the summoning/appearance/creation/whatever of something worthy of worship and awe. This could be either a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on the perspective perhaps? This kind of events could include rituals, prayers, masses, or it could even be a nigh unnoticed event, but still quite mysterious as it really happens.

3rd: Tyler - This is a wonderful production, and I can literally see myself hacking through zombies and demon squirrels though a desolate town to this. BUT - I do feel like this is exactly that, theme for a grimdark town, which only echoes the event that caused it all.

2nd: Makes me picture an angel or something coming down to flex his holy halo - close to the idea of something new manifesting, but nooot quite as much as…

1st: Obsession_Dragon - I guess in the end the sense of urgency intrigues me the most, it sounds a bit stressful, but still something that can be influenced (maybe).

And time to close out too, already late!

I take it by a small margin (actually ruined the potential tie myself by being very specific about the theme)! Go me!