Original Tunes (Story) Collaborative S1E2: The Summoned Being

Previously: A sect is performing a ritual where one innocent person is murdered and brought back from the dead only to carry with them some dark powers.

This theme: The summoning happens, but what/who appears? The harbinger of doom, a hero in the making, or does something else definitive happen as the result of the ritual? Your submission will define what was the immediate outcome.

Here is the full quotation from Danilo, I’ll make no interpretations myself:

A sect is performing a ritual where one innocent person is murdered and brought back from the dead only to carry with them some dark powers. I pictured a dark dungeon, maybe in a big city underground and forgotten spaces.

The lyrics at the end are:

“Redi ab inferis (come back from hell)
fers tecum tenebras (bring darkness with you)”

Will everything go as planned?


Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed!

To enter, your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this thread.
You can upload your songs on Youtube, SoundCloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.

Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

You must include a description of the scene you are trying to paint/accompany your theme with, and a clear hint for the next scene/theme.

Deadline: 27th of February


What’s the timeline/deadline?

Edited the post (27th), thanks!

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Congrats to @Danilo_Ciaffi :smiley:

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Congrats, Danilo, and thanks to everybody for their comments on my track last time! Hopefully I can come up with a good continuation to the story. :grinning:

Well, hopefully I do this correctly with it being my first entry.

Here’s my piece titled “Ground Dirt”.

You awaken and see the mages sprawled around you on the ground. Despite the recent events, you feel quite calm. However, looking down at your hands you notice there is much more fur than you’re used to.
“So much for knowing anything like the back of my hand anymore… they must have imbued some of that ground troll essence into me.”
You look up as you hear fast paced footsteps and decide it would be a good idea to get out of here. You head toward the room’s entrance and glance to your right. A slime monster’s eyes open in the back of its head and stare in your direction. You know the encounter should be an easy win, but fight or flee - it’s your decision.

A couple hours later, you see the way out. A shaft of light shining down maybe 20 ft.(~6 m) and a ladder ascending to the point of origin. You grasp the first rung and start climbing, but who’s to tell what you will find when you reach the top…

I conceptualized my piece as the bgm for this dungeon exploration/escape gameplay segment.


Well this is an interesting theme, will pick up my guitar this weekend and try summoning up some inspiration. :slight_smile:

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I see what you did there