Original Tunes (Story) Collaborative S1E3: An Unexpected Saviour

Previously: One of the members of the sect attempting summon something evil and dangerous gets second thoughts at the critical moment. The ritual is completed, but due to his/her doubts the anti-hero is one step ahead of others and escapes just in time from certain death.

This theme: I’m titling this “an unexpected saviour”. You can interpret the unexpected as you like. Tremendouz dropped the word “anti-hero” in his previous theme description, but this is more about someone who is (probably) less morally suspicious. Maybe a character theme? For one reason or another, this new character is helping the escaping sect member, and will probably stick around as we go on.

Here is the full quotation from Tremendouz regarding the last theme:

One member of the sect had a bad feeling about what was going on so he quietly backed off, hoping the others wouldn’t notice. If something was to go wrong he would be ready to get the hell out of the ritual site.

And sure enough, everything didn’t go as planned. The murdered person remained dead but something else was happening: An eerie purple mist was starting to emerge seemingly out of nowhere and in the middle of it was a pair of eyes. Those didn’t belong to a human.

He had almost reached the dungeon door when the screams of the other sect members were drowned out by a loud roar. Suddenly all the vows and promises he had made to be a part of this felt meaningless: Whatever they had managed to summon was coming and he didn’t care to find out what it was so he ran .


Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed!

To enter, your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this thread.
You can upload your songs on Youtube, SoundCloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.

Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

You must include a description of the scene you are trying to paint/accompany your theme with, and a clear hint for the next scene/theme.

Deadline: 30th of March


Can’t edit anymore, and forgot to put Trems track next to the description. Here is the previous theme:

Congrats Trem and to all the other participants! Thanks a bunch for the feedback as well. Let’s see what I can cook up for this theme. :grinning:

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Here is my first composition on this thread, (how do one put the soundcloud reproductor?,i can’t figure out how to do it)


"The long war with the demon lord of the west lands has over, a knight who once was been praised for his skill in the battlefield return to his home, to realize that his wife and childrens have died because of a plague, without nothing left he go to the city to end his days in bottles and fights.

In the city a noble is searching for his son, who dissapeared few days ago, a sirvient inform him, that his son was a member of a cult, and that he has gone to do a ritual in the caves of the west, aware of the dangers of the zone, he contract a famous knight, to go to search his missing son

The knight short of money accept the quest and part to the west caves, when he comes to the entrance, he find the slashed body of the noble’s son, there is blood all over the place, and seems that the thing that has killed that men has parted to the west were are the demons lands, the knight took a finger with a ring from the body and return to inform the noble

what would happen now, is this the awaken of a new demon lord, how do the noble would react to his son death, do the knight has come to the start of a journey to end his life doing the one thing that he know, who would join to his suicidal mission to kill the awakened new demon lord that has gone to the west lands"

I had a similar issue one time. The suggestion given to me was separate your link from your text so that there is space between the link and your message. Hope it works at least worth a shot.

the knight chopped his shit off?

he can’t?, i think it feet well the mood of the song, is like a cloudy day where nothing really matters, even cut the finger of a corpse

Wasn’t sure if we planned on continuing this month in light of the world dilemma’s, however it freed up a lot of extra time for me. I would like to first wish everyone well and good health, now and into the future! Secondly, I have completed this months submission, for your listening enjoyment. Hope you like it.

The surviving sect member rushed towards the dungeons door as the screams of his companions echoed throughout the halls. His heart raced as he looked back, only to catch a glimpse of the eerie purple mist which swept towards him flooding the previously vacant dungeon growing steadily closer! The earth began to shake violently as rubble started falling from the ceiling as he returned his gaze forward he could see light pouring through the entranceway while he grew closer to his escape a silhouette suddenly stood within the entranceway shouting,” Quickly, there is no time!” As the surviving sect member scrambled to exit the dungeon…the purple mist began pouring out taking on large vine like limbs which flailed about violently, striking the ground in attempts to smite the survivor. The surviving sect member struggled to adjust to the light as he rubbed his eyes. Upon his attempts his vision readjusted only to be met by the purple mist vine which lashed towards him. The sect member tried to move but was struck with a glancing blow knocking him off his footing as he stumbled back and onto the ground. In that moment the survivor looked to the caverns entrance and could see the eyes of the creature approaching the exit. Quickly averting his gaze to his saviour shouting,” It has to be stopped …don’t let it escape!’ The mysterious figure began preparing quick hand gestures as he attempted to avoid the chaotic strikes of the mist which spawned countless vine limbs, which relentlessly pummelled the ground. The sect member watched powerlessly as his saviour took form, a tall male in white robes with gilded stripes. With a long flowing cape matching with the robes designs. The mysterious figure could see the eyes of the beast approaching as his hands shuffled hastily performing the sealing ritual. The mysterious figure began casting the sealing as particles of frost gathered into ice blasting the cavern entrance. The beast growled intimidatingly as the purple mist resisted the sealing magic! The mist vines snapped wildly like whips cleaving nearby boulders as the mysterious figure masterfully perceived their movements ducking and dodging its strikes whilst continuing his frigid sealing barrage! The eerie purple mist began reeling back as it became overwhelmed by the mysterious figures might…the beast roared angrily as only its eyes could be seen slowly drifting back into the darkness of the dungeon along with the mist as the sealing ritual had become complete. The mysterious figure extended his hand and helped up the surviving sect member and asked inquisitively, “ what happened in there, and what was that…thing?” The sect member explained what had happened to the best of his recollection still being on edge of what had transpired moments ago. The mysterious figure nodded in understanding and followed up by saying,” I don’t think I fully understand and I don’t know if my sealing will hold it forever. I think it is best if we leave this place. You will be safe with me. The sun is setting we should make haste! The two companions set out on their journey! So many unanswered questions…where will they go? What dangers lie ahead? Will the sealing standfast? Why didn’t they exchange names? Why vines not tentacles? TO BE CONTINUED…

Still working on my entry, gone through a few too many iterations and different time signatures so it has been a bit slow.

Aaand I will be working with this until and including Friday (3rd of April), feel free to throw in your piece meanwhile.