Original Tunes (Story) Collaborative S1E4: A Safe Haven

Previously: The sect member (assumed PC) smelled trouble and regretted his involvement with whatever bad business the ritual was. He made his attempt at escape, but his own efforts would not cut it. Unexpectedly, but thankfully, someone appeared just in the nick of time to collect our unfortunate main character from trouble!

This theme: After the series of hectic events, our new assumed ally leads us to a safe place to discuss the situation. For a moment we are safe from danger, and it looks like this place is the place to come to to recuperate - this is a Safe Haven. Think about the unexpected savior, and whether you want to consider the thematic of said character while working on this theme.

Here is the full quotation from Obsession_Dragon regarding the last theme:

The surviving sect member rushed towards the dungeons door as the screams of his companions echoed throughout the halls. His heart raced as he looked back, only to catch a glimpse of the eerie purple mist which swept towards him flooding the previously vacant dungeon growing steadily closer!

The earth began to shake violently as rubble started falling from the ceiling as he returned his gaze forward he could see light pouring through the entranceway while he grew closer to his escape a silhouette suddenly stood within the entranceway shouting,” Quickly, there is no time!” As the surviving sect member scrambled to exit the dungeon…

The purple mist began pouring out taking on large vine like limbs which flailed about violently, striking the ground in attempts to smite the survivor. The surviving sect member struggled to adjust to the light as he rubbed his eyes. Upon his attempts his vision readjusted only to be met by the purple mist vine which lashed towards him. The sect member tried to move but was struck with a glancing blow knocking him off his footing as he stumbled back and onto the ground.

In that moment the survivor looked to the caverns entrance and could see the eyes of the creature approaching the exit. Quickly averting his gaze to his saviour shouting,” It has to be stopped …don’t let it escape!’ The mysterious figure began preparing quick hand gestures as he attempted to avoid the chaotic strikes of the mist which spawned countless vine limbs, which relentlessly pummelled the ground. The sect member watched powerlessly as his saviour took form, a tall male in white robes with gilded stripes. With a long flowing cape matching with the robes designs.

The mysterious figure could see the eyes of the beast approaching as his hands shuffled hastily performing the sealing ritual. The mysterious figure began casting the sealing as particles of frost gathered into ice blasting the cavern entrance. The beast growled intimidatingly as the purple mist resisted the sealing magic! The mist vines snapped wildly like whips cleaving nearby boulders as the mysterious figure masterfully perceived their movements ducking and dodging its strikes whilst continuing his frigid sealing barrage! The eerie purple mist began reeling back as it became overwhelmed by the mysterious figures might…the beast roared angrily as only its eyes could be seen slowly drifting back into the darkness of the dungeon along with the mist as the sealing ritual had become complete.

The mysterious figure extended his hand and helped up the surviving sect member and asked inquisitively, “ what happened in there, and what was that…thing?” The sect member explained what had happened to the best of his recollection still being on edge of what had transpired moments ago. The mysterious figure nodded in understanding and followed up by saying,” I don’t think I fully understand and I don’t know if my sealing will hold it forever. I think it is best if we leave this place. You will be safe with me. The sun is setting we should make haste!"

The two companions set out on their journey! So many unanswered questions…where will they go? What dangers lie ahead? Will the sealing standfast? Why didn’t they exchange names? Why vines not tentacles? TO BE CONTINUED…


Every music style is welcome, you can make 8bits musics, orchestral arrangements, live recordings, electronic music… As long as it fits the theme, everything is allowed!

To enter, your song must be an original creation of your own made specifically for this thread.
You can upload your songs on Youtube, SoundCloud or any other place that allows the listening without having to download it.

Your song must be 1 minute long MINIMUM.

You must include a description of the scene you are trying to paint/accompany your theme with, and a clear hint for the next scene/theme.

Deadline: 29th of April


So, the main chararacters run as fast as they can until they come to a near village, where they stop to rest and talk about what happened.

Sectarian. You save me here, i know i should not be who say this, but what where you doing in that place?.

Adventurer. I’m a adventurer, it’s my duty to clean caves from monsters.

Sectarian. Adventurers are a weird thing this days, they aren’t needed anymore, why do you keep doing it?.

Adventurer. What would happen if a new demon lord rises and declares war to the human kind again?, I should not let it happen.
Moreover what was the monster that you and your not so affortunate fellows summon in first ṕlace?

Sectarian. We were not so powerful to summon a demon lord from the abyss, instead of it, we summon a demon who know how to do it, we hope to help him with his ritual, but he kill us and start things by his own.

Adventurer Well, you shall restore what you broke,now you’ll go with me to search for more adventurers that can help me to kill that demon before he completes his own ritual and things go out of control, it’s a mess that i can’t do it by my own.

Sectarian There aren’t more adventurers since the old days, where do you would find them?


This months submission for S1E4. A Safe Haven.

The sun lay low on the horizon as duo ventured forth, chasing the remaining daylight.
Darkness slowly blanketed the land as the mysterious stranger and the sect member arrived at what seemed to be deserted ruins.

The mysterious stranger stopped and spoke to the sect member, “ It’s too dark to travel any further tonight. We should rest here and with any luck, if we are quiet, we will not be noticed.”

The mysterious stranger noticed the Sect member didn’t look well. What appeared to be a minor injury from the altercation with the mist looked much more severe now.

The Sect member was out of breath as he replied, “ Thanks for saving me…back there…If you hadn’t shown up…when you did, I would have never made it.”

The mysterious figure responded, “ Suppose I was in the right place at the right time. By the way, my names Caleb.”

The Sect member struggled to stand up strait while sweat dripped from his brow as he replied, “ Its nice…to meet you…My name…is Tristan.”

Caleb spoke, “ Tristan, you look unwell. How do you feel?”

Tristan replied, “ I feel terrible… I can’t stop sweating. My head is spinning and I can barely stand. “

Caleb responded once more, “ I think it’s best if you try to get some rest. I will take first watch Incase anyone shows up.”

Tristan spoke, “ Thanks Caleb…I can barely keep my eyes open.”

Within moments of Tristan laying down on the softest looking dirt he could find, he had almost immediately slipped into a deep slumber. Caleb looked around the ruins from his location but couldn’t see anything threatening in their vicinity.

Caleb sat down near Tristan, preparing for his long quiet night when he could hear Tristan mumble, “ why…are you…here…?”
Caleb put the palm of his hand on Tristans forehead and spoke, “ Animum vult decepi, ergo decipiatur vis,vis,vis.”

Upon casting of his spell, Caleb had entered the mind of Tristan, invading his dream world.

Caleb manifested himself in his own image within Tristans mind. The first thing he noticed was it was dark. The dream seemed to be in some sort of cavern.

Water dripped from the ceiling as he could hear Tristan speaking in the distance, “ why…are you…here?”

Tristan continued, “ it’s not my fault…”
Caleb could see a silhouette in the distance and slowly approached.
Tristan had his back faced to Caleb as he cautiously made his way to him.

Caleb could hear a low growling noise nearby but couldn’t see anyone or anything else around the dream cavern.

Tristan continued, “ I don’t understand. Why would you choose me?”
The demonic growling persisted as if it were communicating with Tristan.

Tristan spoke once more, “ After what happened? I think it would be dangerous to return. The members knew I was there.
If they see me alive, I don’t know what they will do…”

Caleb stood behind Tristan as he slowly reached his arm out. His fingers extended as he cautiously put a hand on Tristans shoulder. Tristan didn’t flinch or acknowledge Calebs presence with his actions.

The demonic growling continued as Caleb noticed in the distance swirling on the water in the cavern purple mist.

Caleb spoke, “ Tristan can you hear me?.”
The demonic growling erupted into growling laughter, as Tristan responded, “ Caleb please…it’s very rude of you to interrupt. Can’t you see…we have a visitor…”

Caleb could feel Tristan was soaking wet with sweat and was overheating, too hot to keep his hand there as he quickly removed it.

Caleb shouted, “ Tristan. This is just a dream…but thats not part of your dream Tristan…I think maybe somehow it has crept inside your mind.”

The demonic growling continued, followed by laughter, as Tristan replied sternly, “ I know it’s a dream Caleb. I also know it’s not the only thing here not part of my dream.”

Tristan turned to face Caleb, revealing his his eyes were glowing red. Caleb took a step back as he shouted , “ Tristan your eyes! I think that the demon has already linked with you. We should escape this dream now.”

The demon continued laughing. Amused by the human quarrel as Tristan stood up to meet Caleb again as he spoke, “ I don’t remember inviting you here, maybe you should leave.”

Caleb began feeling nervous as he took a few steps back and replied,” I’m not leaving without you.” Caleb reaches into his robes revealing a small bell which he chimed rhythmically until he could see Tristans eyes revert to normal.

The demonic growling became furious as the dream world slowly washed away returning Caleb and Tristan back into the real world.

When Tristan awoke he could see Caleb standing next to him. Caleb spoke,” Are you okay Tristan?”

Tristan replied, “ Yeah I think so. I feel much better now actually.”

Caleb spoke,” Your wound has completely healed! You feel fine? This is very strange. Do you remember what you were dreaming about?”

Tristan spoke,” Yes. I now know what we need to do Caleb.”

Caleb interrupted,” Please dont tell me your going to do what that demon suggested you to do Tristan?”

Tristan continued,” I don’t think you understand Caleb. We have no other choice. We have to return to the headmaster of my Sect. “

Caleb sighed before speaking again, “ Why Tristan? You expect me to go with you but haven’t explained the purpose of our journey.”

Tristan spoke once more, “ There is more going on than you realize Caleb. The headmaster of my order isn’t who he says he is.”

Caleb interrupted, “ is that right? Exactly how do you know this and why should I believe you?”

Tristan continued, “ The headmaster knew we intended to perform the resurrection ritual, but it was switched with the real scroll which we were supposed to recite. The demon told me. It said whomever is assuming the role of my headmaster is a fake.”

Caleb spoke once more,” Alright Tristan, if what you say is true, what’s your plan? We can’t surely walk in the door and a point a finger at your headmaster calling him out. Clearly he has everyone deceived including you, up until now.”

Tristan continued,” I’m not sure Caleb. What I do know is the headmaster has something more sinister in mind and this was only part of his bigger plan. If we don’t hurry it could be too late.”

Caleb replied, “ Okay Tristan. This seems pretty risky. I can’t in good conscience let you go alone. Sounds like you may need someone to watch your back if something goes wrong.”

Tristan replied, “ Thanks for understanding Caleb. We will doing a good thing. Just you wait and see.”

Caleb spoke,” Looks like the suns beginning to crest on the horizon. Once your ready, you should lead the way.”

Tristan got to his feet and dusted himself off and stretched his arms out, wiping away the residual sweat from his brow and spoke once more, “ Alright Caleb I’m ready. Let’s go.”

The duo began their journey towards Tristans order. Thus leaving behind their temporary safe haven in the deserted ruins. The sun gave way to a new day, once again warding away the darkness of night.

Caleb couldn’t help worrying about Tristan and if he was making his decisions now or was being controlled. Caleb kept close, keeping a watchful eye Incase anything seemed suspicious.

To be continued…

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About the deadline: let’s see if we can start voting on 2nd of May - I’m quite done with my concept and just need to make the melody sit.

With this one I’m trying to express a combination of relaxation, mystery and longing. The place is safe, the person who it “belongs to” is mysterious (white mage, his home base ala arcana), but there’s a lingering feeling of something you can’t quite catch in the atmosphere. This place has a long history about it.

This tune is what we hear when hanging about the white mage’s home base; his sanctum. At this point we get an explanation on what is going on, and what must be done to undo the evil our PC cultist took part in. The first step is to consult an Ether Oracle to read the portents of our PC and the summoned being, but to reach the oracle is no simple task, in fact it is completely abstract in nature.

Next scene/theme: The Otherworld - an alternate dimension/plane of eccentric/strange nature.


Voting time

How: listen to all the entries, and evaluate how the composition fits the theme, does it go along with the description etc. Pick your favorite, and post your choice in here along with your reasoning.

Also somehow indicate your runner-up - in case we have a tie.

We’ve also traditionally given comments for the other tracks too, but this is up to you.

At the end (in a few days or so) I will count the most popular choice, and continue with a new thread/theme based on the ‘winner’.

Nice work on both of your tracks. Really enjoyed listening to them and had trouble deciding which one to choose.

Avaruussaha: This track feels calming and relaxed. Gives the sense of peacefulness with the sense of mystery. I can imagine a world such as this. I like the concept of your story. Would have loved to read more about it and would be interested to hear what comes next.

Plapoa: Your song reminds me of some of the classic style village tunes. Feels like a safe place, relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. I can imagine the two conversing in the village preparing for their journey.

After listening to this months submissions multiple times I came to decide on Avaruussaha.
Closely followed up by Plapoa. Great work on your tracks this month. I can’t wait to hear what you write for next month. :slight_smile:

Sorry but i play the classical guitar, so it’s of no surprise that i have a bias toward avaruussaha theme, so thats where my vote goes.(can i arrange it to one guitar?)

The one of Obsession_Dragon keep the vibes from the previous theme, seems like being in a strange cavern were all is quiet, but it can change in any moment.

This is a very nice place for keep composing, and learn from others, it’s possible to submit more than one theme per thread?

Just a status update: It has been quiet lately, and I’m in the middle of changing positions at work and this includes some backlog handling… so waiting a bit before proceeding (most likely start of June) with this and the next thread.

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