Recruiting new moderators

I’d like to get some new people in as mods to handle reviewing and posting new submissions. Who would like to help out?

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I would sadly not have the time to deal with the submissions, sorry

i’d be happy to give it a go


Well, I wouldn’t mind being able to post my own tabs, but I don’t think I would feel comfortable checking other people’s work for accuracy and making corrections and such.

Ok @quinndangle2 , you got it :thumbsup:

@MechaKrauser I’d like to limit mod access to users who would like to moderate submissions. I do think we should come up with a way for users to submit their own tabs, though I think all tabs should be subject to some sort of quality assurance before they’re approved. We’ll just add it to the list :robot:

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instead of or in supplement to the 5 star rating system on tabs you could put in some sort of moderator authentication vote that way people can see tabs not uploaded by mods as well as tabs that have been checked for quality. there are certainly a lot of people on here who could reliably judge a tab’s accuracy

I do like this idea of speeding up access to tabs and letting the community have a greater input but to offer an opposing view - no restrictions on uploads would lead to some duplicate submissions, pdf only tabs with no text accompaniment, some tabs displaying incorrectly if not a fixed width font and tags not used (pretty unlikely tbh), tabs with incorrect games or people creating a new game when one already exists, and no control over timing of how long new submissions stay on the new page.

I know i’ve exaggerated the impact of these, but i personally feel it’ll create more issues than it will solve the way submissions are structured

Yeah a lot of potential issues with an open system. Some thought will definitely have to be put into it…