Resentment for not publishing tablature

I have sent my transcriptions for a long time: REMINISCENCE from Chrono Cross, GRIEF from Fate Zero and YAWARAKANA JIKAN from Honey and Clover without having any response from the moderator yet my transcriptions do not seem bad even in comparison with other transcriptions of the same pieces already published in addition my tablatures are accompanied by guitar performance.

maybe is because you don’t upload the .txt with the tabs?
or the moderator is not very active lately…
i don’t have much time here, but it seems that this site has seen better times, maybe is only my imagination

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I think mods might not be updating a lot but I know when I posted tab they did want the .txt file for the tab though. Let me see if I can grab a mod for you though.

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Your tabs are not accepted cause you do not use text, we can’t accept tabs that can’t be readable directly from the website. This has been explained in some posts already :slight_smile:

I publish tabs valid tabs on the queue every week, just this week we got 10 tabs, the week before it was just 3 etc, depends on how active users are to submit tabs.


But how do I put my files in the browser

…You just copy past the text ^^’

maybe this help

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Thanks I followed your advice, I hope it works.