Sheet music from Stamen47

Hi Gametabs community!

So, my username says Stamen48, but I’m actually Stamen47 and I used to post a lot of tabs on this site.

A few years back, I was working on a project to clean up and edit some of my tabs and make some professional looking sheet music. However, the project lost steam and the arrangements I had finished have just been sitting on my computer since then.

I decided to share what I’ve completed for the community here. You’ll find six of my favorite arrangements currently on this site, and one other arrangement that I never posted.

Let me know if you have any issues viewing these, I haven’t really used dropbox before and I may have messed up the permissions. Please note that I’m not really submitting these to be posted as tabs on the site, as I didn’t make the ASCII files for these.

The site seems pretty quiet these days, but I hope at least a few people will enjoy these!

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I do at least =). Thanks! Every fingerstyle tab is a treasure for me.
Ive downloaded it already, so permission should be fine for the others as well!

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And I still like your tabs as much as back then. Thanks for sharing :>

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Dude Stamen, your tabs have always been so good, good to hear from you again =)