Skyrim - Far Horizons

Hi there!

So, this might be a bit off topic, as it’s not guitars-only work, but since I’m quite proud of this one and that I’ve always shared my work with you guys, I wanted to show this as well!

It’s a cover of mine of the beautiful track “Far Horizons” from Skyrim, featuring several instruments.

I hope you’ll enjoy it! It was quite fun to do! :slight_smile:


Very good, dude!

Good song. Good cover. Good beard! =)

Thanks! A beard makes everything better!

Nice job! Sounds great.

I wasn’t expecting the dulcimer, it gives the intro a kind of ethnic feel to it.

Thank you!

I don’t use the dulcimer that much since it’s kind of a special instrument (I must have used it in like only 2 other videos, that’s it) , but yes, in some cases, it’s definitely a must!

Plus this dulcimer is actually a Khim, a Thai dulcimer. It’s even more different than the western ones we “usually” see.

So beautiful!

Thank you!