Small Two Of Pieces ~Screeching Shards~ (WIPv1)

Xenogears - Small Two Of Pieces ~Screeching Shards~ (WIPv1).zip (157.4 KB)

I am back after a long period of absence. I haven’t played a guitar in close to 2 years so I’m trying to get my chops back. This is something I was working on before, just thought I’d go ahead and post it as-is. The txt is messy because I was writing out all of the lyrics as I was tabbing it (which I think is totally cool!), and it will be a hassle to manually delete all of it, lol. But there is a pdf.

The tab ends just before the guitar solo. It’s a key change so I haven’t decided exactly how to handle that section…

Thank you @hslesperance for turning me on to this awesome song so long ago. I love it! :smile:

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This is exactly what I need. Hope you will complete the tab soon. Cant wait check it out when I get home

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@crescentvn Thanks for taking an interest in the tab :grinning: I’m sucked into working on other tabs atm, but I’ll try and get back into working on this one afterward. I like this song a lot and definitely intend to finish the tab!