Space Rangers - FLY3

This is an arrangement for a solo guitar with the standard tuning of one of atmospheric themes from a master piece game Space Rangers. Outside Russia it is better known by its reincarnation Space Rangers 2: Dominators, where this track was reused. The author of the music calls it ‘Fly Theme 3’, but the correct translation would be rather ‘Flight Theme 3’. In the game files it was called FLY3, so I decided to use this name instead.

The original track can be listened to here:

As any electronic music, this track is made of many overlaid simple elements, which is impossible to play authentically on a guitar. Therefore, I greatly simplified the composition keeping only the characteristic erratic rhythm, the main melody, and the mood creating background melody. I also changed the key for the sake of performance convenience.

txt - tablature
zip - tablature+notes+LilyPond_source
midi - audio

Attention, both txt- and ly-files use Unix newline character and Unicode for non ASCII characters (names in Russian). To correctly display the line breaks on Windows, use, for example, Wordpad.

FLY3.txt (19.3 KB) (154.6 KB)
FLY3.midi (6.4 KB)

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