Sugesstions for Improving the Site?

Hey everyone. I wanted to start a discussion about improving the site, and bringing the community together / make it so more people are willing to engage with the community.

We get good views on the tabs, so I don’t think we should focus on bringing more people to the site; I think we should focus more on keeping people to stay here / making it more enjoyable to contribute to the community.

Personally, I think that the site is outdated and could benefit from a modernized look.
A very minor addition I would like, is being able to favorite a specific tabber, so that you’re notified every time they upload a new tab.

Please share any and all thoughts / suggestions. I’d love to get a discussion going.

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Besides modernizing the website in itself with a new design:

  • A working single search function which actually works ( How about implementing Elastic Search here? )
  • Give the arrangers and Tab makers the option to monetize their work. A lot of time has passed since the beginning of and not everyone wants to give their work for free and that is absolutely fine considering some of us want to help as well. Of course, this would be a big application to program.
  • Playback of tabs of some kind. That would be really fancy instead of only having aascii text.
  • More Presenting options for Tab makers like “Tabs of the weeks”, “most discussed Tabs” . .and so on.
  • Fix password recovery, bot problem, search, . …

I could go on …

All of that would require hiring a full professional very familiar with Gametabs very old code and stuff…
And monetizing the tabs would mean that we ask people to pay to access to the tabs…

A professional or enthusiast.
And i am only saying to give the option to monetize the tabs. This might bring some arrangers to the page, which are the blood of this website. Not everyone is willing to put so much work into arranging, tabbing out a song for free. Especially quality content. In the past, everyone did this for passion, but this might not cut it anymore.
And im speaking as a consumer. I never put an arrangement on here, i only recorded things . .

Actually the number of tabs never stops to rise, we got new tabs every weeks, so the main point was more on how to boost the community side of things, with activities, people interacting with each other etc

Well, i would consider it a feature on the very end of work to do for this website as well. But there is no doubt, that most of the work is of technical nature.

Thanks for the input Clanver.

A working search function is a nice idea - whenever I need to search for a specific tab but haven’t favorited it or don’t know the tab maker’s name etc., I resort to google. It’d be great to have it integrated into the site.

I’m not to keen on allowing people to monetize their work. I’m aware that as the site is now, people who want to monetize their work are better off doing it elsewhere. Like hashel says, we have a decent amount of tab creators as it is right now (which I’m very grateful for) so I think creating this option would only further divide the community.

I agree that having some sort of playback would be useful but - unless I’m mistaken - I don’t think it’s a priority especially because people who aren’t used to sight-reading wouldn’t benefit from it too much. When it comes to making and viewing tabs, I feel like the ultimate goal would be for the creators to have a tab-creating tool integrated into the site itself. As it is right now, I don’t think anybody creates tabs using the current build in tab up-loader. I’ve made some tabs myself but never uploaded them partly due to how unfriendly the interface is.

I think more community based additions like tab of the week or w/e are a fine edition.

Wasn’t aware of password recovery having problems but yea, those are obvious fixes.

Just like hashel says, this requires resources that I’m not sure we can spare. Honestly, I’m starting to feel like I should just learn how to code…

Well, lets forget the monetizing thing. It seems i am in a minority here. If i remember correctly, there were even some professionals here on this webpage which might surely lend a hand. I mean someone got the adverts fixed as well.

But i think this is mainly Hashels work to get in touch with the correct person, since he has access to the important stuff to even begin fixing things (server access and so on).

Monetization — big NO. Gametabs is one of the last resorts for stable, integrated, free tabulature exchange. Ultimate-Guitar (UG) would be enother one if not for their monopolistic profit oriented attitude.

What would be nice to have is a more convenient way to publish a sheet music version of an arrangement than the current zip-file attachment. The ability to attach sheet music is one of the reasons I prefer Gametabs over UG (the other being its more friendliness to enthusiasts and its thematic focus, in addition I would like to have some backup alternative if one day UG goes for monetization). Another option I used was Ichigos, but it is much less convenient in terms of submission and correction. In addition, I recently started to suspect them of not a very honest behaviour (see “Arrangements here and 'Copyright Control' of a random person”). But I also understand that such an improvement (sheet music) can be detrimental for the long term survival of Gametabs.

Another improvement might be a better handling of the tabulature correction procedure.

As for a modernization, I am affraid of it. This community page, for example, was modernized some time ago and the resulting look is dubious. But I am conservative in this regard in general.

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It seems like the word “monetization” seems to trigger a lot of backlash even though i really cant see the downside of it. Monetization would not be controlled by gametabs itself but by the creator of the tab. It would be an OPTION for creators, not something mandatory.

Comparing it to ultimate guitar alone sends shivers through me, not gonna lie . .

I dunno, the way I see it now, people who want to monetize their work are already doing it elsewhere. People who just create tabs as a hobby do it here. Olellenus brings up a good point too. I can’t name another free tab site off the top of my head (besides UG).

I can’t say too much on music sheets. I only work with tabs and I don’t know that many people come to gametabs to read sheet music, given the name of the site has tabs in it.

IIRC tab correction involves asking for permission right? If so then yeah, that sounds especially tedious if you just wanna fix one small thing.

I still thinking modernizing the site well help a lot with keeping new people interested in the site. I wasn’t active on the old forums so correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t community interaction already low before it was updated?

Ugh, the idea of tabs being monetized on this site makes me want to puke. I think everyone else has made all the main points on that front.

I know as a general convenience feature, being able to download all the tabs in my favorites would be great. Having a search function for your favorites would be good too. In general the search function could stand to be improved.

I’m really not keen on the idea of “modernizing”. If you look at most major websites that modernize, it almost invariably makes them worse. And, meaning no offense to anyone, I think the “modernization” effort made on GT just fractured the site further and made it less intuitive to use.

I think the gametabs site is perfectly functional in its essence, and that the time/effort could be better spent elsewhere, like in adding features.

I think people being able to share their favorites, or even custom “lists” would be great. Like, here are my favorite bossa nova style tabs, here are my favorite low/high difficulty tabs, etc.

This could feed into regular discussions or workshops - for example, helping people master the techniques used in bossa nova type pieces, or helping people play at speed, etc.

Having regular or semi-regular group calls could be cool too - discussing techniques, helping people learn, talking about the creative process, sharing music that would be good to tab, etc.

Having people be able to earn accolades would be cool, not sure if that’s already a feature. For example, milestones around number of tabs created, number of 5 star reviews or page views, number of favorites, etc.

Tabbing “challenges” would be cool - for example, to see who can do the best job tabbing out an unconventional piece, or who can release a complete tab first…of course, that would entirely be up to the creators.

You could also maybe have a sidebar showing thumbnails for uploaded videos (so long as it was unobtrusive), or “hot tabs this week”, things like that.

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Those are all great suggestions Choogly.

I can live with having the site staying as is - after all its how its been for eternity. Its serviceable as is and I would definitely rather spend time and resources on things we consider to be more important.

Yea being able to look at others’ favorites is something I’ve thought about before, like its something most other platforms similar to gametabs have.

Points/scores make people feel good and I honestly can’t see a downside for adding them.

In terms of keeping more people on the site, when looking back at what got me interested in playing tabs here in the first place, I’m starting to feel that we need people who create simple yet fulfilling tabs of songs from recognizable games, and made videos of themselves playing it. People are much more likely to want to try playing a song after watching somebody else playing them, rather than struggling alone (talking about beginners). The people who made this kind of content are mostly inactive now, and I don’t feel that their anyone took there place. I know we have people right now making content similar to what I’m describing (GuitarSVD comes to mind) but when beginners see anything higher than fret 5 they get scared and think “I could never play something like this”

Tldr; more, easy to digest content

Something any of us could do tho is just comment on the forums or whatever. I would always lurk in forums but I feel like if more of the people who were reading this would actually say something, anything, the community would feel more lively.

one thing i would kinda love would be some sort of ‘difficulty’ system (although i’m aware of the issues with going back and rating older tabs for difficulty). basic premise would be that tabs could get flagged as beginner friendly / intermediate / advanced. I say this as most of the time i’m looking for more challenging tabs as opposed to single note tunes etc.

having this work in conjunction with the random tab feature would be my kind of dream - sometimes i cycle through tab after tab trying to find some quality that i may have missed before

A difficulty system would be amazing, I can definitely relate with combing through gametabs trying to find good/difficult tabs. Something as simple as what you said, like just allowing the creator to label their own tab, would make searching for new tabs much easier for players of every level. Even if in the beginning its as simple as 5 levels of difficulty, I would love figuring out with others what the best scoring system would be, and assigning difficulties to tabs of creators who are no longer active.

This sounds like the most promising idea to me so far.