The First Layer - Made in Abyss

Another arrangement for Made in Abyss. Fingerstyle as usual.

GP5 (11.2 KB)
MIDI (5.4 KB)
TXT (13.7 KB)

It’s a pretty nice tab, and a good choice of song, too:

The text file and MIDI should be exactly the way you submitted it. I had to pretty much redo the GP5 file, though. The sheet music was unreadable – wrong key, wrong time signature, staccato written by hand with rests, let ring written by hand with ties, everything in one voice. The new GP5 file should sound exactly the same as your original, but with readable sheet music, so I went ahead and added a PDF export to go with it.

Sorry about that, I have no idea how to “automate” that kind of stuff on Tuxguitar so I just do it all by hand. Due to all that I barely pay attention to the sheet music. Basically I just try to make it sound proper for the midi so all the small adjustments can make it look a bit convoluted.
Nice work and thanks!