The Original Compositions Thread

May as well start this bad boy up again :punch:
Here is the guitar pro audio for a solo piano arrangement i devised a short time ago:
Watching From Afar
Draws influence from the japanese composer Kanno Yugo, and especially his composition ‘Koi e no Suii’ from the Da Capo OST


This is lovely and really melancholic, i like it a lot, good job! =)

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Sounds very good :heart_eyes_cat:. I’m not familiar with Kanno Yugo’s work, but this makes me think of “In the City of Constant Rain” from Little Busters (the raining scene with Komari and the cat) :sob:

I tried looking through some of my originals I tabbed out, but I don’t think I have anything that can follow yours, scarecrow :stuck_out_tongue: haha. Maybe I’ll contribute another time :notes:

Thanks! Yea it is quite sorrowful/ bittersweet, lots of minor chords and whatnot, and the theme behind it is quite melancholic as well :ok_hand:

Yea actually now that you mention it that little busters track may have been a subconscious influence in the piece haha, but i really like all of Keys OST’s with the likes of Jun Maeda and the rest being a huge influence on my musical taste. The other composer to note would be ‘MANYO’, the guy who did the OST’s for the Kara No Shoujo series, however he wasn’t an influence in this piece.
I believe Kanno Yugo did the OST’s for Psycho Pass and Ajin amongst other good titles.
No problems :wink: i’ll look forward to hearing some stuff in the future :notes:
This piece is probably my most solid arrangement so far, i have lots of WIP’s and some other finished solo stuff but they still feel rough around the edges :confused:

Hey, normally don’t plug my non-contest songs, but I think this one turned out pretty good.

Like most of my compositions, I can’t help writing rhythmically distinct melodies for several instruments. Usually try to do at least three or more at the same time. I LOVE POLYPHONY!!! I always pay close attention to melodic timing in order to contrast parts where melodies line up and parts where they purposely don’t; and to contrasting melodic contours, so one melody rises while the other falls.

Does this song get a bit too difficult to follow each individual part? Is the main (flute) melody not clear with the other instruments? Exactly halfway through the audio, it switches to 7/4 time for the rest of the track. Does it sound smooth even in the irregular time sig?

It wasn’t originally going to be so high energy, but I was having fun with the punchy bassline and took it in a different, probably better, direction.

@scarecrowlol You have a soundcloud page? Pretty nice song.

The lead-in into that 7/4 switch @0:45 strikes out a bit (the bass), otherwise I think the instruments play nicely together. I guess the question would be, does the bass need to be that busy when everything slows down?

Almost same thing at @1:29, but not as much.

But this is coming from someone who can’t track bass at all :slight_smile:

I like it! Quite interesting :ok_hand: but yea the bass kinda was throwing me off a bit, i think at the time signature change, or maybe just how aggressive it was in the mix?

No i don’t have a soundcloud :open_mouth: Thanks! glad you like it :thumbsup:

Here’s four tracks I’ve made almost a year ago. Now I would have made a lot of things differently, but anyway, I think they’ll be better on Soundcloud that on my computer :

(BTW, at the ending of the last track, it’s the same melody as the track I submitted for the second Original Tunes contest)

Well, if everyone’s plugging their original non-contest pieces, I may as well throw my hat in. :smiley:

This piece is my first ‘major’ one, as in, the first I put a considerable amount of time, effort and love into. Overall I think it came out pretty well. Some things could be mixed better, the transition into the second ‘phase’ could’ve been handled better, and now that I think about it, most of the second phase just could’ve been done better over all, but I’m nonetheless happy with it as my first big composition.

I’d like to know what you guys think!

“You Only Know Oblivion”

@Avaruussaha Thanks for listening! Yeah, I was thinking of changing the “slap bass” setting to something smoother during those parts or just making the notes quieter so it wouldn’t stick out as much. But after repeated listens my ears got used to it, even if it’s a little too busy.

@floflo79 Really enjoyed “Love Track”, very catchy and good percussion work. It actually sounds like it could be a fun ending/credits song to a NES game.

@Shrinx Glad you were able to piece together the 3 segments. It can be difficult to tie different parts together when you have a concept in mind with varying themes. But even if it didn’t turn out quite how you wanted, it seems like you made what you set out to and it turned out nice!

Well, when I finished it turned out exactly how I wanted. These are just some things I noticed down the line. I guess it’s true what they say in how you’re your own worst critic. :joy:

I’m glad you think it turned out good though, it’s really reassuring to know I’m getting better at this!

Here’s a solo fingerstyle tab i made up one day just messing around and piecing together random riffs that had similar feels. Nothing amazing, just a tab i use to warm up or to just pass time, as its comprised of lots of chord progressions i really like and has quite a few time signature changes and odd chords. It’s mostly rhythm driven not really a defined melody: Resonance.gpx (31.9 KB)

Back again with another jazzy song

This one has been sitting around for a couple years after coming up with the initial guitar melody. Got back into it this week and I’m pretty happy with the final version. The song kinda explores a few different moods of jazz/blues, hence the title, but hopefully the transitions make the changing styles not so jarring.

Whelp, here’s another solo guitar piece i wrote, about sentience evolving! :ok_hand:

Wow, great chord choices throughout! So soothing and mysterious.

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