Ummm radiant historia radiant historia tab?

There was the radiant historia theme here and now it’s gone! It’s the first song on the ost,


wait a few days, i’m on it

How :open_mouth:

Heyyyyy you said a couple days… :frowning:

sorry, the university start in quarantine mode and i lost all my time to compose and arrange, i took a little break and end it, thanks to tell me that i have to finish it.
i’m uploading it.

here it is, the tab is in the description.

Wow thanks! it’s better than the original one although not as easy lol. And not in drop D but that doesn’t matter just curious as to why it got removed. Thanks again man.

You should do the song "The Legend " from fate zero it’s kinda simple but sounds great, I just can’t get even the first note… Maybe tab out a few more for me >.>