Uploading tabs on YT

Hey guys, i’m going to start uploading tabs to youtube as well as here now, which will possibly/hopefully in turn bring some traffic back here to the site. Been meaning to start this for a while now, finally got around to it. First vid went up today with more to follow in the future. Please check it out :grinning:

Also MechaKrausers has started doing the same thing recently so check out that channel too!

Would be nice to see the listen and download functions fixed on the site sometime soon too… :sweat_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for the shout out! :sunglasses: I put your channel and the other Gametabbers’ channels that I know of in a “Featured Channels” thing on mine. :v: :grin:

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Nice, hope it brings in some people. I just got a mic so I’m gonna start recording some of my favorite tabs on this site. I hope we can make it a little more lively in here.


Good on you bro, good luck!

DUDE, have at it, pal.
Here a links to mediafire folders of most/all of my tabs, ENJOY :smile: including lonlonjp tabs, songbooks, etc.
i have them all,
Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy Songbook 2
Chrono Cross
Daisuke Minamizawa vol.4

find me on youtube and insta as hagbardcel23 (google works also)