Was your account deleted? Report it here

Recently we had an issue where some users’ accounts were mistakenly deleted. If you think your account was removed by mistake, report it here and we will do our best to restore it.

Also, if you submitted a tab this account, post a link to the tab and we will re-link your account with the tab.

Apologies for any trouble this may have caused.

I like how you say ‘we’. Come on, archie, we know it’s just you

Hello, Archard.
It looks like my main account Genik was blocked and I don’t know why. I can neither login nor restore password. Could you please help me?

Hi _Genik,

Sorry about that… we had been getting lots of spam registrations from the domain of your email address on the account that was blocked. I’ve unblocked that domain and I’ll see if it’s a problem. If it is, would it be possible for you to use a different email address?

For now you should be unblocked

Thanks a lot! I can login now.
I changed my e-mail to gmail.com domain.

I came back to gametabs a few days ago after a looong break and I can’t neither log in neither get the “forgot your password” email. The original username was (obviously) kenor.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi kenor. I actually see your old account in the database. What happens when you try to login or reset your password?

Hi archard. Incorrect password on login, and I do not get the password resetting mail. I believe the address was _____@seznam.cz, might it do something with the fact that it was abused by spambots recently?

Yep, that’s it. I blocked all seznam.cz emails since a bunch of spambots were using it. Is is possible to use a different email? I can change your email if you PM me what you’d like me to change it to. And then you should be able to reset your password again.

Sure thing, but I am unable to find a Private Message button anywhere on this site :frowning: plz help

Just click on my avatar and something should pop up with a button to send me a message :+1:

I only see this when I click on your avatar:

…and this when I open your profile:

Awesome, thank you archard :slight_smile:

It seems like my account was deleted as well. I don’t have the option to resend my password. My favorites page(s) is my main way of using the site, so I hope this gets fixed soon!

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Hey! I’m having the same problem. I try to connect on gametabs and it says something went wrong, but then I go on the community website and I’m logged in. I click on back to main site and then for some reason I’m logged in on gametabs.

When I try to reset my password, it also says that something went wrong.

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I have the same problem as Genic. Just says access denied on site and the toolbar shows this sites/all/modules/troll/blocked.html


Same. i got the troll block html page while I was about to post on a tab.

Yea I just started getting the troll block too, but only on one pc, all the others can access fine.