What are good, challenging pieces?

I’m looking for pieces which sound great but also technically challenging.

Pieces like Tommorning’s Ristorante Paradiso tabs, some of Kabukibear’s tabs etc.

I’d like a wide range of pieces, anime, games, anything!

I’ve been playing classical guitar for 14 years so don’t be afraid to recommend something difficult

Listen to the recording first, seriously:

This one too, I freakin love this one:



Now you owe me a few =)

(I have tons bookmarked, we should swap!)

The one I’m working on now is John William’s version of Verano Porteno
Scroll down to the second version of the song, it’s his version.

this one sounds really neat, ill have to check this out but it might just above my own skill lvl but I think I could get it with some time.

Have any favorites @Ttegdap? I’d like to know what kind of stuff you like =)

I personally think some of mine tabs are fairly fun but I dont know about challenging, some more than others. I mean specifically FingerstyleGaming and mine, we are working on a soundtrack together and I think some of them came out quite well but I dont think are super hard but somewhat challenging at least. Tomorning’s tabs are great too, Ive played tons of them myself.

O I have a ton of them, mostly the same taste as you I think haha. I started and own several of lonlon jp works and I also have a ton of songs by the youtuber animelodies1 if your into anime music. I like a little bit of everything, if you want ill just get on discord to discuss it instead.

If you’ve been playing classical for that long you probably know the Bach Fugues from the Lute suites:

Or the one from the violin partita:

Or the fifth bagatelle by William Walton if you like this kind of music:

Or this arrangement of a part of Keith Jarrets Köln Concert by Manuel Barrueco:

I particularly like that last one you posted @FingerstyleGaming

If you wanna see someone do that last one (not quite as good of a recording, but you can watch)

I’m also partial to this one:

Check this one out:

Sounds good, challenging, very recognizable to anyone who has played the game :nerd_face:

Hey that one was awesome, favorited =)

This is one of my favorite songs ever, it’s why I recorded it =)


Ah I always love bach tunes because they feel so orderly and structured to my hear. I can usually pick them out by how they sound alone. It reminds me of this song (not that I can play nearly as well as this recording) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPfZVflJdp0
but I practice it all the time for picking hand work. Its also on the site your talking about @thedstring (ive been through a ton of those pieces too not all of which are accurate or even playable haha) I only found out within the last year that john williams played guitar when I found his CD at my library when I was looking through some CDs.

Theres an easier one from that that uses the capo and still sounds the same, I prefer to play that one personally. It took me a good while to get this one down though, back about 4 years when I found the tab.